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What’s in my handbag

A couple of years ago everybody seemed to be making “What’s in my handbag” sort of posts. I might be a bit late, but well, hopefully, it will be interesting for my readers.

It all looks neat and tidy. It’s not hard to keep my handbag clean and free from unnecessary items because I don’t use it daily. When I was working in the office I would have slightly more things in my handbag, but, it still was clean and tidy as I would switch handbags. This gave me the opportunity to make sure everything is in place.

What's in my handbag

Yesterday I was at a trade fair, so I thought I should share what I had in my handbag. The only thing missing from my handbag is a comb. I had my hair tied up in a plaited ponytail. Usually I would have a comb, as I comb my hair a few times during a busy day.

As you can see, I have (from top left to bottom right):
– The lipstick I’ve used in the morning, so I can freshen up during the day, especially after drinking coffee
– A nice looking case with pads, just in case
– Swish on the go, to freshen up after lunch. I have to admit I forgot I had them. But after lunch we got back home.
– Business cards. These, the blog cards, are not for the fair, but I always keep a few of them in each handbag I have. It saves me looking for them when I prepare my handbag
– Tissues
– Hair ties. Here it depends. As I said, if I have my hair loose, I would have a hair comb too, some hair ties, and a hair grip. I need to have alternatives, just in case. I think everybody who has long hair knows the importance of alternatives.
– Wallet
– Wet-wipes
– Varta power-bank and cable. I’ve made a review of the power-bank, it’s really amazing.
– Wipes for glasses. Another thing that everybody with glasses knows the importance of. I should use them more, but I can’t leave home without them. I have packs of wipes for glasses in the living room and in the bedroom, so I can pick them when I need them. This is another thing that I keep in all my handbags.
– Wipes to remove my makeup. Who knows, maybe during the day something happens and I need to remove my makeup, so I keep those with me. I almost never use them, but I can’t stand the thought of mascara over my face. Also, I’m not bothered not having makeup. Hence, I only have the makeup remover wipes and not actually makeup to put back on.
– 3 pens, because one might finish when I’m writing. Also, two colours is a must.
– My notepad. I use it for different things. I used to have more, but now I prefer to write in a notepad until I finish it, then I would use another one.
– Plasters, in case my shoes start to act up.

In the car I have a few more bits, for example pills like aspirin and paracetamol. More hair ties, wipes for glasses, tissues, snacks. If I know it will take long, I would have a snack with me.

What do you have in your handbag?

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  1. I love what’s in my bag posts! Man. I should do one one of these days.
    I change bags around depending on weekend/weekday or where I’m going, so it’s not very consistent, but I tend to stick with similar things regardless. I can’t wait for a phone that doesn’t require a spare battery… Lol.

  2. Carrying around plasters is something I always intend to do, but never actually do. It’s such a good, and handy thing to have with you! Your handbag is very organised!

  3. I remember those posts being so popular a few years back! My handbag is always full of random items and junk!

  4. a power bank is such a good idea – really need to get one as I am always running out of battery!

  5. I have pretty much the same things in my handbag, plus my phone. I love using different handbags depending on where I am going and just move the things over.

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