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My August

August has proved to be a fantastic month. I’ve started volunteering at a stately home as a room guide, Croxteth Hall. As a plus, I even dress up as a housemaid. I’ve been there twice and it’s so much fun. Besides learning about the house and the family, during school holidays the volunteers are making truffles with children and it’s delightful. I love it and I wish I would have asked earlier if they were looking for volunteers.

I’ve started two online courses and I’m learning interesting things. Both courses take 2 to 3 hours each week, so it’s not too demanding. Also, if I have the time, I can finish the course faster, by doing two or three weeks at a time. I like the flexibility.


In August I’ve visited Barnard Castle and The Bowes Museum in the north, Blists Hill Victorian Town in the south, I went to Manchester Jewish Museum and I blogged about all these locations.

In the last few days of August, I went to a Painting Class, to a pub, I visited a small and cute village (lots of amazing pictures to share) and I’ve been to Anderton Boat Lift. As they are so many, I’m going to blog almost every day for the next 10 days or so. I enjoyed all these activities a lot, only wait and see my masterpiece.

I’ve read a lot of books, 8 in total, and today I’ll finish another one, but that will be included in the roundup for September. I’ve reviewed my foot cream and what I got from UKLingerie.


When it comes to food, I made quite a lot of new things this month like, clockwise from top left Danish Thick Pancakes, Deviled Eggs, Swan eclairs, and Roasted Tomatoes Blackberries Salad. Obviously I baked bread as I always do.

September will be a fun month again. We are celebrating Festus’s birthday (he turns 8), we are also celebrating our 3rd home anniversary. It will be a month when we’ll visit again new places as it’s Heritage Open Days and I have a couple of other trips in mind.

How was your August? Do you have something planned for September?

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  1. Sounds like a busy month! You always seem to fill your time so well – the volunteering sounds such good fun too!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing month! ? Thanks for sharing this with us Anca, you always go and see the fun places in the UK which really encourages me to go out and explore myself!!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your volunteering! Sounds fantastic!

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