Yesterday I attended Jet2Sunchester event in Manchester, where Jet2Holiday presented their top destinations: Majorca, Malta and Tenerife.

01 Jet2Sunchester

It was exciting to have a look on what is on offer, especially as I’ve never been to any of these locations. I lived all my childhood and a teen near the seaside in a country where temperatures in summer are over 30 degrees and sometimes even 40. So I wasn’t keen to go to warm locations in holiday and usually my trips abroad where further north, like Netherlands, Germany, Austria. The Black Sea is not as clear and blue, the beaches don’t have the same beautiful sand. I knew that, but I’m not keen on going to the beach. Until yesterday I didn’t look past the sun, golden beaches and blue sea. Well, now I would love to go on a holiday in these locations.

At the event there was a presentation of Malta and I was amazed by how interesting it can be. There are three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and amazing churches that I would love to see. Tourists can chose between plenty of water sports and that is something I love since I’ve tried sea kayaking last year. Diving must be amazing too. To visit the islands one can also pick between biking and horseback riding. That would be something my husband and I would discuss for ages as I would prefer horseback riding and he would prefer the bikes.
On the leaflets I got from the event I saw there are catacombs and caves and museums. Of course there are lots of events, festivals and there is a buzzing nightlife.

02 Jet2Sunchester

Another top destination is Mallorca. Sol Katmandu is a park&resort. There are pools, water slides, soft play adventure for the kids, 4D movies, golf. K3 Climb sounds fab, climbing through obstacles on rope lines, a rope swing (I would be so scared to do that) or even a free-fall leap (I would be scared of that too). The asylum is a 5D adventure and there is another thrill adventure with zombies. They all sound like lots of fun and excitement.
BH Mallorca is and Island Beach Club with hi-adrenaline slides for adults only. There are daytime pool parties and an exciting nightlife with Live Concerts and DJs.

In Tenerife there are two attractions, Siam Park and Loro Parque, a zoo. Siam Park offers lotss of possibilities like white sand beach, views to the Atlantic horizon and the islands, tropical gardens. When it comes to water slides, Singha was open in summer of 2015 and has more than 240 metres of length and 14 changes of direction, ti really sounds amazing. I’m sure my husband would love the Tower of Power, 0 gravity, gliding through transparent acrylic tube, with sharks and rays, before ending the tour of 28 meters of almost vertical fall. It sounds a little scary for me. It has lots of other things to experience and shops, restaurants and so on.
Hotel Botanico sounded wonderful too, with its fine dining restaurants and SPA.

03 Jet2Sunchester
I had a Raspberry Mojito with dried ice and I loved it.

04 Jet2Sunchester
I pondered if I should have my face painted or not. After the event I was headed to Ikea to buy a mirror, to replace the “old” one from the bathroom.

05 Jet2Sunchester
Well… I couldn’t miss the opportunity, despite getting some strange looks around the shop.

06 Jet2Sunchester
It was an wonderful event and now I have lots of things to think about for our next holidays. I saw Holly and we talked a lot, there were delicious looking nibbles and drinks.

Have you been to Majorca, Malta or Tenerife? What do you like to do in our holidays?

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  1. I saw this event all over Twitter and thought it looked like so much fun! Love your glitter face paint! Did you go to Ikea with it still on? 🙂


    1. Yes, I did. I went to Ikea with the glitter on. Little girls were looking at me delighted, as you can imagine :))

  2. This looked like a fun event. I haven’t been to any of the destinations but I really want to go to Malta at some point

  3. I’ve been to Malta – it’s a beautiful place – very small but plenty of things to do. I really liked it there and would love to go back with my hubby and son some day soon.

  4. I loved Malta when I visited but that is over 15 years ago. I really need to go again.

  5. This looks like so much fun! And that raspberry mojito looks delicious!

    I’ve never been to any of those specific places, but they sound wonderful. I love going someplace warm and sunny preferably with a beach! We went scuba diving in the Dominican Republic and it was a lot of fun.! Unfortunately I was sick when we did it, so my ears wouldn’t “pop” so I couldn’t go down very far. It was still so much fun to learn how to use all the gear and be able to go out into the sea. I’d recommend it!

  6. I went to Majorca, the quieter bit and really liked it- we didn’t go into town apart from food shopping so I really liked it!
    My friend lived in Malta for 2 years, she played in the national orchestra there!x

  7. I really love that face paint – great event too. I visited Malta as a child and I’d love to take the kids one day 🙂 H x

  8. Love your face paint! I would love to visit Malta one day, it does sound interesting

  9. Looks like a great event. I was in Malta for the easter weekend and came back a week ago and it was a great trip. We did quite a bit and it was lovely. I’ve been to Mallorca before but to the imfamous Magaluf haha x

  10. Ahhh! I really wanted to go to this but I had plans! It looks so much fun!

    Corinne x

  11. This event sound amazing. I had not been to those places but hopefully one day, I will go Malta to visit a girlfriend who I met on eBay. Yes, eBay! She bought lot of stuffs from me and we have a great relationship.

  12. Sounds like you had lots of fun! I love the glitter! I would’ve opted in for a whole face glitter thing, if I were you though 😉 Lovely event!

  13. Lovely write-up for a fun event.
    I had the good fortune of going to Sol Katmandu in Majorca last year – was great fun for the family!

  14. It was such a good event wasn’t it? I didn’t get my face all glittered up but it looked like so much fun, I think I’d get that done if I was heading to BH Mallorca though. How could I not?! 🙂

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