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The Vegan Kind. January Box

I hope that you are curious about the subscription box from The Vegan Kind. In January I received the lifestyle box as the beauty one is every other month. I was surprised by some of the things in the box, mainly because I bought them in December.

The Vegan Kind. January Box

This is the box. The only non-food item of the box is a cutlery set, which is not only cute, but they might be helpful when we can go back to travelling around the country. The snacks were fab too, as we liked both the crunchy corn and the chickpeas puffs.

I was happy to receive a new Soreen bar, NOMO bar, and the Maltybites. All these are really good. Maltybites are a bit sweet, but lovely none the less. The last items in the box, BOSH cupcake kit and OGGS egg substitute are items I bought, so I am very happy to get these in the box too. I am yet to make the cupcakes, but I will do that this week, maybe tomorrow.
Helpfully the OGGS came with a small booklet with recipes. I am very keen on trying some of them too.

The Vegan Kind. January Box:

TheVeganKind Cutlery Set (RRP £4.99) – made from a mix of 70% wheat starch and 30% recycled plastic
BOSH! Lemon Fizzle Cupcake Kit 356g (RRP £3.49) – only needs one lemon, water, and oil to make them
Hadleigh Maid Maltybites 50g (RRP £1.49) – vegan friendly chocolate honeycombed malt balls
LOVE CORN Premium Crunchy Corn Smoked BBQ 20g (RRP £0.60) – corn kernels that can also be added on salads or topping for houmous
NOMO Free From Caramel Filled Chocolate Bar 38g (RRP £1.09) – non dairy alternative to milk chocolate with a vegan caramel flavour centre
Alternative Foods London Ltd OGGS Aquafaba Liquid Egg Substitute 200g (RRP £2.25) – egg alternative made of chickpea water that whips and whisks just like an egg
Soreen Banana Loaf Bar 42g (RRP £0.75) – has 30% less sugar than the average cereal bar
HIPPEAS Sweet Chilli Haze 22g (RRP £1.19) – chickpea puffs

Boxes are between £8 and £10, depending on the subscription, and £3.15 for P&P. Every month they give a donation to a charity and in January they picked Veganuary.

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  1. Very good selection this month! We enjoy Hippeas and LoveCorn. Soreen is lovely too, but I like to eat it a non-vegan way, smothered with butter.
    I am very curious about Bosh kit. I have seen two of them in Waitrose, and was wondering whether I should try it.

    1. I made the one from the picture, the lemon cupcakes. I have another one too, for chocolate cake. The lemon cupcakes are really good. I put oil and water in the mix and they rose nicely. I also made the icing with lemon juice from a bottle and it worked nicely. I would happily buy this again, although I have another mix in the cupboard.

  2. This is an amazing box and the selection is great! I’d be very curious to try the Oggs egg substitute! Wonder if it could replace my scrambled eggs (I love scrambled eggs.) Thank you for sharing this as it gives us many new snack ideas!
    Also, for some reason Bloglovin has stopped showing me your new posts, I’ve missed out on so many! I’m bummed because I love your blog Anca. I have some catching-up to do haha!
    Have a great weekend 🙂

    Julia x

    1. I love scrambled eggs too, but Oggs is not suitable for that. It’s like egg whites, works for cakes or pancakes. I made scrambled tofu and that is amazing, here is my recipe: .
      I know about bloglovin, they do not reply to emails, so I can’t fix the issue. I switched to a new hosting and now I have SSL too, so this is why my posts do not show on bloglovin. So sorry for that.

      Have a great weekend too xx

    1. I am a fan of the chickpea puffs, they have a different texture and are not as oily as crisps. They are more like corn puffs, if you’ve tried those.

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