No one told me

I’m 33, healthy and with no children and before being involved in the No one told me* campaign by lights by TENA, I had no idea how important and common is bladder weakness. It’s not a posh subject and people usually don’t want to talk about things that are embarrassing. Stick with me and you’ll might find out things you’ve never heard before.


I was invited at Champneys Springs for an amazing event organized by lights by TENA, last Sunday. It all started with a presentation that was really interesting. I assumed only mums have issues with weak bladder after giving birth, but this can’t be further from the reality. 1 in 3 women will suffer from bladder weakness at some point in their life, regardless if they gave birth or not. Men can suffer too. These were a couple of things I wasn’t aware.
I also had no idea women can suffer from this while they are in their 20s. I also had no idea 1 in 10 women will avoid doing something they love or something new because they are inconvenienced by a weak bladder. One of the things women will avoid is exercising.

A few things can be done to prevent this, like pelvic floor exercises, there are exercises specifically for men. Lights by TENA have an award winning app called MY PFF that helps reminding to do the exercises, the app is free. They don’t take long and it’s important to do them. I will start doing these exercises and hopefully get into a routine pretty soon.

We heard a lot of statistics, some of them I mentioned earlier. Basically it’s as common as a common cold. A few millions of people are affected in UK alone.


Unlike the products for period, lights by TENA are designed for this problem, they absorb the liquid faster. We saw the demonstration and the difference is visible. Each product is made with a purpose in mind and its design is suitable for its intended reason. In the lights by TENA range there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you have any questions or you want to learn more about bladder weakness, have a look on lights by TENA, noonetoldme and on their facebook page. On the #noonetoldme website there is a competition with amazing prizes, so do join in if you want to.

After the presentation, the event continued with a circuit training. Something a few of the women who are suffering with weak bladder will avoid doing.


The circuit training should have been for an hour, but we took a little off time to get some pictures before starting.


I have to admit the training was much more difficult than I thought, it involved push-ups and weight training. I enjoyed it a lot, but as I didn’t exercise in the last couple of months, I was so sore the following couple of days.

After the circuit training, we all went outside for yoga. It was the first time I did yoga outside and I enjoyed it a lot. I’m not keen on yoga, but outside it had a different feel. This is where we did our workout.

I was expecting for the yoga to start while enjoying the sun.


Yoga was easy, but even so, the trainer included a few poses that are a little bit more complicated like tree and crow.

Everybody was relaxing after yoga, beside me. I can’t relax after working out, I have too much energy to stand still. I took the opportunity to take a few nice pictures though.

After that we went back for nibbles and delicious cake, of course, a back massage. I enjoyed the event a lot, it was relaxing and, most of all, very informative.


I mentioned before that #noonetold me event took place at Champneys Springs. The SPA is lovely, the location is really beautiful and calming.



We also got goodie bags with lights by TENA samples and cute pink dumbbells. I can’t wait to use the dumbbells.

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  1. Lovely pics and great way of highlighting the issue of incontinence. Great to meet you all 🙂 xx

  2. Lovely to meet you at the event. It was a great event for us to understand more about Tena products and bladder weakness.

  3. Ahhh this event looks like so much fun! I’d love to be able to go to more active events but they’re always in London. Glad you had a fab time. Being sore is fun!

    Corinne x

  4. I never would have known any of those statistics. And it looks like such a great event! I love yoga and you got lucky with the weather by the looks of it

  5. I think it’s great that you are highlighting this issue, many women have problems and it can be embarrassing to talk about

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