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Today is the International Women’s Day and, of course, it’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate with cake. I plan to make a Cookie&Cream cake, more about it next week. I’ve also got a lot of books from the library, cookbooks, hence the picture.


Yoga. After a break because I had some issues with my knees due to my own stupidity, I started exercising with something light. Yoga and walking the dog should be enough for a couple of weeks. After that, I’ll continue with what I love to do: P90X3.

Surprise flowers in the garden. When we removed last year the big concrete slabs that “decorated” our garden, I found some bulbs under the sand. I didn’t think they will grow, as they had been under concrete for years.
I left them in the garden to enrich the soil, we’ve put some more soil on top and the seed grass. I blogged about our grass last year, in a lawn update. Well, this spring, a few purple flowers appeared in my garden, from those bulbs! I was so happy to see them, I picked them up and put them in the vase, so we can see them more.

Blogging every day. I posted every day and I have a few posts for next week too. I did a lot of interesting things this week and I have a lot of things to share.

British Pie Week. This week I baked 3 pies to celebrate. I’ll post about them next week. You can see the apple pie with freehand leaves. I’m delighted with how it looks.
The lemon meringue pie was a disaster, but it tasted good and I learned something, so it’s still a good thing.

Shinny car. Having a sparkly clean and thoroughly vacuumed car shouldn’t be a “Kodak moment”. For us it is. We are taking the dog in the car, an 110 pounds dog, sometimes excited. This means a lot of hair and dust in the car… everywhere, even if he stays in the boot.

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  1. We need to hoover our car too- it gets grubby so quickly! Well done you!
    Those flowers are beautiful and I look forward to hearing more about the pies!x

  2. It was pie week??? How did I miss that?! That’s brilliant about those bulbs, what an exciting find : )

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