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March 2024

In March we travelled a lot, as you can see in this post. We’ve been to Bristol, London (twice), Blackpool, Windsor, and Leeds. I’ve finished the second term for my Master’s and now I am working on my dissertation. I gave a presentation in the lecture theatre of my college and attended two workshops, besides a number of lectures and events. Next month will be even more exciting, but I will not go into details now.

ring from Ukraine

First of all, I received this silver ring from Ukraine. I participated in a fundraising event for a new car for a military unit. I am very happy with this ring, it’s beautifully made, by a defender.
Even more, it arrived on the day I was giving a presentation on Ukrainian history at my college.


We went to Bristol for a few days. I was booked into an archive it was rather hard to get into. I blogged this month about a church and the cathedral from Bristol, so do check them out if you fancy that.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

We went to see the Clifton Suspension Bridge at night-time. We’ve seen it before, but it is so wonderful and it was a lovely night, perfect for a walk. This bridge opened in 1864.


At Oxford, waiting for my colleagues and teachers to arrive for a seminar/meeting.


I’ve been to UCL for an event on Romanian language and history. The event was so interesting, but I also loved that the blue&yellow is at the entrance of the School of Slavonic and East European Studies.


The Ukrainian Society at Oxford organised a few events in March. I was not able to go to all of them, but I’ve been to a concert at Christ Church. It was very interesting and a lot of funds were raised.

Ukrainian doll - Motanka doll

I saw how Motanka dolls are made at the spring festival – Kolodii – organised by the Ukrainian Society. There was Ukrainian food (including vegan options, which was so lovely of them), crafts, Ukrainian dancing (we took part), drinks. It was fantastic. I loved it.
These dolls are made by women as talismans. It takes a lot of time to make them, as these are not sowed, but the cotton is pulled (not sure it’s the right word) in place. Fascinating stuff.

Blackpool Grant Theatre ceiling

Blackpool Grant Theatre ceiling is gorgeous. I booked tickets for us for the opera. We’ve been to La Traviata in January, a production by the Ukrainian Opera & Ballet Theatre Kyiv. It was great, and now we went to Madama Butterfly.


While I’ve been to the opera many times, I haven’t been to the Madama Butterfly before. It was wonderful. The child you can see in the middle was part of the opera and did great. I highly recommend going to see the Madama Butterfly, it’s rather unusual with its Japanese female lead and American soldier male lead.


I’ve been to Runnymede and I will blog about it next month. We had a short trip for Easter, which included going to the Boat Race in London and a bit of sightseeing in Windsor.


The Two Brewers pub in Windsor, just beside the Long Walk, established in the 18th century. We had a drink there and it was lovely.

Windsor street

Windsor looks amazing at night-time.

Boat race

We went to the Boat Race. We saw the Women’s race at a fan zone, but we couldn’t hear anything. We took a taxi to get to Chiswick Bridge for the Men’s race. While neither the men nor the women won, I shouted ‘Oxford’ when the Oxford team passed the finish line.


1. Ukraine: From Russian colony to European identity – With Żanna Słoniowska 2. Cute dog at the pub. 3. Pendon Museum. 4. Ukrainian concert (for charity). 5. Spotlight on…Romanian a PROLang event at SSEES, UCL. 6. Ukrainian crafts at the Kolodii Spring Festival celebrations. 7. A piece of history in another piece of history (a 1954 reader’s note in a 1924 book on journalism) 8. Tryzub ring, from Ukraine. 9. Home(assembled) vegan dessert. 10. Library view. 11. Dessert at Cream.Dream. 12. 20 Days in Mariupol won the Oscar for Best Documentary. 13. Clifton Suspension Bridge. 14. Bristol in the morning, when I was heading to the archives. 15. King William Ale House, Bristol, from 1670. 16. A memorial in Bristol, dedicated to Ukraine. 17. Doughnuts. 18. Flower. 19. Pizza! 20. Miso soup. 21. Flowers. 22. Essay uploaded. 23. Madama Butterfly, an amazing performance, by the Ukrainian Opera & Ballet Theatre Kyiv production, at Blackpool Grand Theatre. 24. Ethnic flaky sweet. 25. Groceries deliveries are fantastic. 26. Planning for my dissertation. 27. Keeping the groceries bags in place in the boot with this cute tie. 28. Getting ready for Saturday. 29. Runnymede. 30. Boat race in London. 31. Books in March


I read these books in March. Anna Politkovskaya’s book must be the better known one. As I mentioned in its review, never ask a russian what they did between 17 September 1939 and 22 June 1941, so it got only 3 stars from me.
The Ethics, Winter in Moscow, and I Write as I Please are all from the 1920s or 1930s. I read them for my studies, as it was the one on communism and hunger (as in famines). Last but not least, the book by Macer, who is a British soldier now fighting in/for Ukraine. He is involved in different aspects and was on the frontline. Do follow him on twitter @macergifford.

Books in March:
The Ethics of Journalism by Nelson Antrim Crawford – 5 stars
Putin’s Russia by Anna Politkovskaya – 3 stars
Winter in Moscow by Malcolm Muggeridge – 5 stars
Communism and Hunger by Andrea Graziosi – 5 stars
I Write as I Please by Walter Duranty – 3 stars
Fighting Evil by Macer Gifford – 5 stars

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  1. The ring from Ukraine is beautiful. Looks like you had a nice trip to Bristol. The Motanka dolls look interesting. They remind me of the dolls my mum used to make from muslins – they weren’t sewed either. Madama Butterfly is one of my favourite operas but it’s been a long time since I saw a production of it. Lovely photos from your trip to Runnymede and Windsor. #project365
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…Friday Focus 12/04/2024 – PerformingMy Profile

  2. You did so much! I love the support you have given the Ukranian events. I’m really sad that one of my lovely Ukranian girls is leaving in May – she’s in my choir and in my chorus for our Treasure Island production and I’m really sad she won’t be there for the show- she’s so musical!

  3. What a fabulous March, Anca. I’m especially interested in the Ukranian events and I’m so glad you can support them. I really love your ring — it’s gorgeous.

    Three cheers on your presentation. You are nearly finished with this round and I’m so impressed and pleased for you!

  4. That’s a busy month. I’m from Windsor originally so it’s nice to see it featured here. I watched the boat race – sad that Oxford lost again. Love the suspension bridge. I’ve only ever seen it from a car – and yes the car I was in broke down on it just before they closed it for the evening. We had to push it off the other side.

  5. Wow, that’s a very busy March, it must have flown by. What a beautiful ring, and how much more special that’s it’s made by a defender. I’m not able to go to fund raisers directly but I do contribute where I can to some of the initiatives. It’s so important we all do what we can where we can.

    1. I fully agree with that. Every donations counts. I am very happy with the ring, it’s beautifully made.

  6. All of the travelling sounds great! It sounds like your Master’s is going well, good luck with the dissertation.
    That ring is beautiful and the bridge looks pretty amazing at night. How interesting to see how the dolls are made.
    I have always said if I ever go to the opera I would love to see Madam Butterfly.
    What a great month! x

    1. Thank you. xx This opera was so unusual, I enjoyed it a lot. It is worth going to it if you have the change. xx

    1. It was very exciting to be able to go to all those events. The one at UCL on Romanian history was so special. I also loved the Ukrainian events, learning about the country’s culture and music was really interesting. I think a lot of people would have liked those events, but they were organised within the university.
      I am going to blog soon about Runnymede, I imagine you will like that post a lot. 🙂

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