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My Christmas

I love Christmas, for me it’s the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with hubby and the dog. For the last years I blogged about Christmas and I want to blog again this year.

01 My Christmas
I finally convinced hubby that he needs a Christmas jumper as I already bought one. Last year we had only festive socks, but this year we were better prepared for the celebrations.

11 My Christmas
On my food blog I talked about the food I cooked. It took less than 5 hours to get everything ready: 5 starters, bread, pie and beetroot puree, soup, main with lots of side dishes (roasted potatoes, carrots, sprouts, pea salad and grapefruit jelly) and jus. For dessert I’ve made mince pies and fruit cake. I also got some Christmas puddings and hubby made panna cotta and those delicious looking cups filled with rum and chocolate ganache.

I’m going to talk about presents, as I received amazing ones this year and I couldn’t be happier with them.

02 My Christmas
When I opened this one I was ecstatic. It’s Michael Schumacher’s car from 1998! By chance I saw half of the race from Magny Cours and I was amazed by the speed of the cars, the excitement of the race and how fast they were changing the tyres. MS won that race. I was thinking I have to cheer for someone and the German was incredible. The next one was at Silverstone and I saw it from the beginning, MS won that one too. In that moment I’ve became a Michael Schumacher fan. I signed up in a small fan club, I had my pets named after him and his family. This gift means so much to me, it will be displayed in the living room.

03 My Christmas
This was a huge surprise. I had no idea the lovely Sarah will send this wonderful necklace. I’m delighted with it and I can’t wait to wear it.

04 My Christmas
The next gift is from my Secret Santa. I opened the small one for Saint Nicholas Day and I found 2 beautiful shades of lipstick and in the big box I found this fab set for hair care. I can’t wait to try it.

05 My Christmas
Hubby made this for me, my own CookStyle apron! I have to cook something for a photoshoot on my food blog. I think it looks fab and I can’t wait to have lots of pictures taken with it.

I also received a baking tray and a few other things. I got a few lovely things for hubby, but I want to talk only about one, this box from Cheerz* with fridge magnets.

06 My Christmas
I received a code from them in a goodie bag at the last blogger event in Liverpool and I forgot about it until a couple of weeks before Christmas. I had a look on their website to get something for me. But when I saw the fridge magnets, I thought it’s better to get something for hubby. I made a selection of 18 pictures from things we’ve done this year and I ordered them. The order was shipped quickly and I received it fast. I’m happy with them. In hindsight, I could have ordered two boxes and give some away as personalized presents. The magnets are now on the fridge shaped as a tree, not my idea, I saw it on their website and thought it’s cute.

07 My Christmas
The little one received gifts too. He was a good boy and waited quietly for me to unwrap his present.

08 My Christmas
Then he turned the rope toy into a mop, in less than 1 hour.

09 My Christmas
I had to have the picture with him wearing a crown on his head, as we do every year. If you want to see more pics, have a look on Festus’s blog.

10 My Christmas
Shoe-pic with novelty socks bought especially for this occasion. I love the novelty socks since I bought my first pair 4 years ago. I also like that I can get ready for Christmas from November, went I start wearing the pairs I bought in previous years.

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas – I love the festive socks! The apron and fridge magnets are lovely, they’re very special =] The Michael Schumacher car is amazing, what a great present!

  2. Wow, you had a great Christmas! Love the festive attire and your food does look amazing!! Yum!!! Festus look adorable and your necklace is a super present! Plus that car is sooo thoughtful!

  3. Wow, you had a great Christmas!! The food looks Amazing!!! Ha, Festus, the wrecker of ropes!! That necklace was an amazing present, how super and the Michael Schumacher car is a really special pressie.x

  4. What? I didn’t even know you had a food blog! The apron is amazing and I’m sure you’ll get loads of use out of it!

    Corinne x

  5. You look like you had a really lovely Christmas! Your husbands gifts are so thoughtful and you both look amazing in your Christmas jumpers! My Mr didn’t have one this year but I will be sure to get him one next year!

    Sarah 🙂

    1. Thanks Sarah x It was hard to make hubby buy one, next year will be much easier :)) I can’t wait to wear the jumpers before Christmas next year, it will get us into the Christmas spirit.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Love all the photos. I never knew Festus had a blog! Love the Schumi replica car! Hubby gave me a replica Mark Webber helmet a couple of years ago (which I got signed this year!!).


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