Wearing masks in England will not longer be a legal requirement from next Monday. While it might look like I do not support this move made by the government because I am talking about my masks and where I plan to use them, actually I back this change. I think we should assume more responsibility as we, in UK, are in a very good position with almost 90% of adults having their first jab and over half of the population being fully vaccinated. I think we need to move away from being micro-managed by the state and go to a “just don’t be stupid” approach.

As all restrictions are lifted, including the requirement for social distancing and working from home, and with many people wearing masks and face coverings for over an year, I think many will continue to do so. I made masks from old clothes and started wearing them in late April last year, about a couple of months before it was mandatory and recommended by the WHO in June. We also never had the requirement to wear them outside, like in other countries, but I did so many times.


In my post last year I suggested a number of 5 masks per person, but it proved to be too small. I have many more than that and it’s much easier. In the car we have a plastic container with a lid where we keep the masks in. It’s very handy to have and we never run out of masks. Also, we change our masks a couple of times during the day, as we rather use fresh ones, for comfort. All the masks go into the washing machine and I wash them after every use.

Why I’m going to wear masks

With so much focus on the COVID-19 pandemic we tend to forget that there are other respiratory diseases too. I am fully vaccinated, fit, and in my 30s, so the risk of having anything but a mild form of the disease even if I catch it is very unlikely. But a mild form still is unpleasant, same as for flu. Why not diminish the risk of having a high temperature, a runny nose, and a headache when I can wear a mask in a crowded place.

Where I’m going to wear face coverings

I am going to wear masks both indoors and outdoors, depending on the situation. If I am going to an outdoor location, but the cases number is high and it’s very crowded I will wear a mask, as I did until now.

Besides outdoors, I will wear a mask on public transport, from train to tube and buses. It’s not a bother at all and I don’t see why avoid wearing one in this context. Of course, if the bus is empty, I will not wear one, although it’s unlikely that I will ever be in an empty bus anyway. I will also wear a covering in the supermarket and in shops too.

Masks for special events

These are the masks I bought last year for different events: Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day. The one with flowers was a gift from my husband and I have a matching scrunchy for it. I knew when I bought them that I will use masks regardless if they are mandatory or not. Thus, it was never a case of wasting money on themed masks when I knew that I will wear them again in the following year.

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  1. I agree with you completely, Anca. UK is doing better in vaccinations than the US and the Delta variant is the most common here. They say the vaccines help protect with that but I’m not sure there is enough data to be sure. We no longer have a mask mandate and in many situations, I think that is fine. But I will and am wearing my mask in the supermarket and other crowded stores (less so if there are few, if any people within or they are well spaced) and outdoors depending on the area and the situation. I will wear it at the crowded farmer’s market or if I go to an outdoor concert but not so much for walking around, though I always have it with me. Like you, I have many masks. I don’t think this is over by a long shot and I expect continual gradual rises (already starting here in the US) by winter. And you are spot on about other contagious diseases like the flu or even the common cold. I didn’t know anyone who was ill last year with one of those, including me — and I plan to keep that record up!

  2. Now that most mask mandates have been lifted in the US, people wearing them have become a minority. For me, it just depends on the location and who I’m around. I still prefer putting one on when I go in a store and always wear one when dealing with the public at the food bank where I volunteer. (we ask that they wear one, too, but can’t force them) I don’t wear one at my church because I know we’re all vaccinated and there aren’t many of us. (actually I do have one friend who’s not, but she always sits well away from everyone and keeps on her mask)

    I have a feeling I will always keep one in my purse and one in my car in the future. And, like you, I always change them out and use a fresh one after a single outing. They’re easy to wash.
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    1. I am very curious to see how it will be in UK. Polls show that a majority of people will continue to wear masks, which is great if this will happen.

  3. As you say, I do think it’s time we moved towards a situation where we all take personal responsibility but my concern is there will always be those who just don’t care. And for those who are clinically vulnerable, this is like another prison sentence. There are no easy options, I’m glad I’m not the one having to make the decisions 🙁

    1. Luckily now the medical-grade masks are available online and I think many of the vulnerable would get those instead of non-medical ones like I use. I can’t even imagine how scary is for them, but I think with proper advice they can protect themselves while trying to live a life as normal as possible.

  4. I am going to wear mine still in the same contexts as you are. I am on trains at rush hour for 2 hours a day so I think it is very important I stilll wear them because I teach 540 children each week and I have a duty towards them.
    I have about 10-12 masks but there are a few which I have given up on because they just don’t stay on my face properly and it is annoying. What I AM incredulous of is people who have worn disposables for a year or so -surely the cost really adds up and they just don’t seem comfortable at all to me. Obviously, for some it is compulsory to wear those surgical ones.

    1. I only had once a disposable mask and it was so unpleasant. It’s wasteful and nasty, so why have one of those, unless is medical-graded, of course.

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