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Christmas 2020

As I do each year, I’m sharing pictures from our Christmas. For us Christmas was not too dissimilar from the previous years, as we always celebrate the Christmas at home, all three of us.

All three

We’ve decided to take selfies instead of the staged photos. Festus did great and looked directly at the camera. It was a bit of a faff with the hat, as it is very small for his big head. The dog hats are not big enough for him either.

Festus and I

I love this picture. It might not be as clear as the one taken with a camera, but it’s so nice. You can see here my new Christmas related earrings, a pair of penguins, bought before the T-shirts, so that was a really fun and fab coincidence.

My husband and I

As I mentioned the T-shirts. Do you recognise them? I got them from the charity which offered one to the first person in UK and in the world to be vaccinated against COVID-19, Margaret Keenan. Vaccinated outside clinical trials, of course. After she got her jab on 8th December, I saw at BBC News the story behind the T-shirt. We were looking for a Christmas T-shirt, but didn’t find anything in the supermarkets, as the designs were either rude or looked like a billboard for a sugar laden drink I never buy. So, I placed the order for two T-shirts and they arrived in time for Christmas.
They look so nice, but I like their symbolism even more. I bought these to celebrate Science and I will wear mine for years to come.

If you are curious on our menu, I shared lots of pictures on my food blog. All food was vegan and most of it was bought.

Christmas tree

This is how our Christmas tree looked like, not on the 25th, but on the 1st. This year we’ve decided to do something different. Instead of having big(ger) gifts for Christmas, we had 25 small ones, as an advent calendar. It was fun because I could buy things for my husband that would have been a bit strange as Christmas gifts, as it was the case with a set of tea strainers for loose tea. He loves that and uses it daily. Of course, all the gifts are vegan.

gifts - for my husband

We took a picture of the gifts before wrapping them up. This is what I got for my husband. Most of the gifts are only a few pounds. The table tennis kit was a hit and we played a few times. I made a mistake and got 27, so I made two sets, a small chocolate bar with the T-shirt and the cat cafe card with a wafer. It was hilarious when my husband managed to figure out by looking at the package that it was a cat cafe card and a wafer! Some of the gifts were from a wish-list of his, as I wouldn’t have known which cables to pick, or the aluminium mouse pad.

gifts - from my husband

This is what my husband got for me. I loved all of them. You might see that one of them is a gift card for the cat cafe! How funny is that? He also bought 6 jars of coffee for me, which is very handy. I love the book about Schumacher and I can’t wait to start reading it. The cosmetics are from a wish-list of mine, as my husband knows as much about the cosmetics I need as I do about the cables I mentioned earlier.

Festus on Christmas Day

Festus was not left out of our advent calendar. He got to pick a fruit or veggie each day. But, unlike us, he is still doing this, as I am still offering him 3 options each day. I still make notes of what he picks, just for fun.
Sorry for the blurriness, he gets excited and all the pictures are blurry. Of course, he doesn’t eat the stem and leaves it for us to pick up. The pepper seeds are all over the place too, as he never eats those either.

Fetsus' picks

If you are into statistics, this is, by day, what Festus picked: carrots for 8 times, pear and peppers 9 times each. While it might seem that they are pretty evenly matched, it is not like this. He had carrots everyday, but not the other two. Also, he gets an extra fruit/veggie each day, with his meal.
It also shows that there are differences in how the fruits/veggies are placed in front of him; the table showing the order they are placed on the floor.

What did you do this Christmas?

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  1. Love the shirts and LOVE that Festus is so into his veggies 🙂 Thank you for sharing your Christmas pics, Anca, they are truly joyful and uplifting! x

  2. I like seeing that table of Festus’ patterns – very cool! Hooray for science, and hooray for those awesome shirts! I love your pictures of your Christmas, and I love your tree! So pretty! What a great idea, doing a bunch of little gifts. That’s what L and I do for each other, but we just cram them all into our stockings and overflow “Santa Presents”.

    Happy New Year, Anca!

  3. I love the t-shirts!

    You got a NOMO advent calendar! I meant to get one, but didn’t get around to ordering it. I hope you enjoyed it.

    All the best for the new year! 🙂

  4. I love your Christmas t-shirts and even more the cause behind them. That’s great. Your earrings are also lovely. Your family photos are selfies are lovely, they look very spontaneous and the three of you look very happy. Great idea to buy Christmas thoughtout the Advent.
    Interesting to see that your dog loves veggies!
    Have a lovely day!

  5. I love your shirts…. and how fun that your earrings match so well! I also love seeing Festus. He looks cute in his Santa hat. 😄 It’s funny how you let him pick what he wants to eat. Looks like he enjoys a healthy diet.

    1. I got the earrings for the last seminar we had, in early December.

      Festus had a very controlled diet. As a pup, I used to weight in his portions. He always got his supplements, as the breeder recommended. After his 10th birthday I started to give him “junk food”, as in a couple of vegan salami slices every once in a while, which he loves. I would give him meat, but we never had it at home, so vegan stuff it is.

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