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I talked about the garden many times because it’s very important for me. I lived in a flat for most of my life, in a busy city centre. Only a few years ago, after moving to UK, I had the opportunity to live in a house and I loved it. Our last house had a small yard, but big enough for a small table and a couple of chairs, a BBQ and some flowers.

After we bought our house last year, the garden was a priority as I mentioned in the post 5 tips for renovating .

We’ve started by removing the concrete slabs and sowing grass in September. In a few weeks the grass started to grow. In March I sow grass seeds again and hubby sprayed fertilizer. The grass started to be thicker and looked better. In May the garden gate was restored and covered with bamboo and we’ve went on with the other tasks.

01 Garden decor bird feeder with lights
I painted all the fence panels and it was a difficult task as the panels weren’t coated before and they absorbed a lot of paint. On the fence near the conservatory we’ve decided to put the white panels to give it a little more colour and to support the climbing flowers.

02 Garden decor bird feeder with lights
I think it looks great and the climbing flowers are doing relatively fine, from 4 only one died and I’ll have to replace it next year.
I would like some planters for that side of the fence, but it’s on the list for next year. Along with this, I want to paint the concrete slabs with a special paint for concrete.

03 Garden decor bird feeder with lights
These are lilies from bulbs bought at Harrogate Flower Show early this year. I can’t wait for them to bloom. The orange ones that I bough were lovely.

04 Garden decor bird feeder with lights
The climbing plants are Clematis and one of them bloomed this year, but not the one that grew the most. Anyway, I think the ones that survived are doing great.

05 Garden decor bird feeder with lights
On the other side of the garden the fence panels weren’t that great for privacy. Instead of replacing them, I painted them for protection and covered all the backside with bamboo screening. The bamboo is fab, can’t complain about it.

06 Garden decor bird feeder with lights
Near the screening I wanted some colour and I’ve planed bulbs with different types of flowers. I also replanted there the snowdrops, hyacinths and tulips. Next year they should grow and bloom in different periods and we should see flowers from January to September – October.

07 Garden decor bird feeder with lights
Some of the plants are tall and others are short, as I wanted a more natural look.

08 Garden decor bird feeder with lights

09 Garden decor bird feeder with lights
The climbing plant is passion flower. My mother sent us a pack of seeds early last year. We’ve planted them in a pot and in a few weeks we had a plant. When we moved the plant wasn’t that high on our priority list, so I neglected it. But it survived and now is doing great. I hope that next year or the following year I’ll see flowers.

10 Garden decor bird feeder with lights
More flowers are emerging. I love going to see what happens in the garden with the flowers.

Having flowers brings wildlife into our garden, there are bees and butterflies.

11 Garden decor bird feeder with lights
Near the house I have my salad and herb garden. Well, at the moment there are only a few pots with salad and herbs. Next year I want to make planters and have more types of salad and more herbs.

Salad was great this year, I had an unexpected high yield. I take only the outer leaves and small ones grow bigger and new leaves appear. The shop bought bags of salad are not as tasty as fresh cut salad from the garden and I hope I can harvest for another month.

12 Garden decor bird feeder with lights
The bird feeder is new and made by us by recycling a lamp that didn’t make it when we moved it here.

13 Garden decor bird feeder with lights
The black thing on top of the feeder is the solar power unit for lighting up the feeder during nighttime. It looks amazing. I don’t think the pigeons will fancy a romantic dinner, but I love the way it looks.

14 Garden decor bird feeder with lights
I didn’t expect so much light from a little led and with the lamp shade on top.

15 Garden decor bird feeder with lights

I think we managed to achieve a perfect balance between utility and beauty in the garden. I have 3 washing lines between the posts. I use the washing lines only 1-2 times a week as I prefer to do more loads at a time. We have different places in the garden for what we need: a table, a portable BBQ for the rare occasions we cook outside or smoke cheddar , flowers, salad and a green lawn for playing with the dog.

This is my garden and is the first from a small series of room presentations. On the second floor we still have to do things, mostly related to decor. But the ground floor is finished and I can blog about it.

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  1. You’ve done a great job!
    I love the back fence, the bamboo looks great and the DIY bird feeder is fab!


  2. I love this post. Thanks so much for linking up to #MakingHome. I love the white painted panels against the fencing as it gives something extra and I really like the bamboo screens! Notes taken 😉

  3. I love what you’ve achieved with your garden Anca. It truly looks beautiful. The bamboo is a great touch and I’m v impressed with your unique bird feeder and lettuce yield. X

  4. You’ve done such a great job, Anca!! Yeah, first thing I would have done would be removing those slabs too, I don’t like gardens that are all slabs and no grass! I know how you feel, I’ve lived in flats for most of my life, too, and I try to make up for it with loads of houseplants but it’s not the same as having a garden, you’re so lucky 🙂 I love all the plants you have, especially the clematis and the lilies, and the recycled bird feeder is brilliant! Do you watch Gardener’s World? They always have good ideas. LOVELY post 🙂 x

    1. Thank you x I watched only a couple of episodes of Gardener’s World, but it’s too technical for me. I don’t know the name of the plants and everything seems so complicated. I have to learn a few more things until it makes sense what they say.

  5. What a great transformation and I like your creative ways to get privacy. Had to laugh at the thought of the birds having a romantic meal 🙂 Brilliant upcycling.

  6. Too cute! I love your garden! I live in the city centre so I know exactly what you mean, I miss having a garden so much and can’t wait until I move into a house and have one again! I love what you’ve done with the bamboo and re-purposing the light nto a bird feeder as an absolutly brilliant idea! You should consider writing up a tutorial about that!

    Looks like such a lovely place to relax! Great job!

    Sarah 🙂

  7. Your garden looks great! The flowers look lovely and it looks like a nice little area to chill in the summer.

  8. Beautiful garden! The transformation is pretty amazing.

    The one of the many things I’ve missed since moving into a flat is having a garden. My parents have a lovely garden with lots of trees and flowers, and lots of room to sit out and enjoy the sun. I can’t wait to get a house!

    1. Thank you x It would be hard for me to move from a house to a flat now too, as I enjoy the garden so much.

  9. I love how you have soften the look of the fencing with the screening. I also like how you have up cycled the lamp into a bird feeder.

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