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The Vegan Kind. May Box

It’s time for The Vegan Kind – May Box, the lifestyle box. I am very happy with the box this month, I like all of the items from it. Of course, I haven’t tried all, but the ones I tried were really good and I know how good are the rest, as I’ve tried them before.

The Vegan Kind. May Box

I started to laugh when I opened the box and saw one of the items, the LoveRaw chocolate bar. These are new and we bought a big box of them. These are delicious! My husband shared a few with his work colleagues and all of them loved LoveRaw, so much that some asked where to buy them and all took pictures of the package, which shows how good these are considering that none of his colleagues are vegan.

The Vegan Kind. May box:

Yo! Aromatic Katsu Curry Sauce 100g (RRP £1.15) was so good. I tried a few curry sauces before, but usually they are too spicy, but not this one. I made a curry yesterday, with onions, peas, black beans, and This isn’t chicken. It was delicious. I would buy this curry sauce again. It is Japanese, so different to the Indian sauces, well worth to keep in mind.

Hippeas Chickpea Tortilla Snacks Cheesey Nacho Vibes 40g (RRP £1.00). I had Hippeas chips many times and I like them a lot. These are really cheesy and so good. I would buy them again.

LoveRaw Cre&m Wafer Bar – White Choc 45g (RRP £1.69) is the one I already mention. I received a big box of their chocolate LoveRaw Cre&m Wafer Bar a couple of days ago too. We are very happy customers of theirs. The bar is similar to a well known bar with wafers filled with delicious cream and covered in chocolate.

Noisy Snacks Beef Brisket Broad Beans 45g (RRP £1.19) Noisy Beans chips is not something I would have picked because it says beef on the pack, but they were delicious. I loved both the texture and the flavour, would buy them again.

TRIBE Doisy & Dam Triple Decker 40g (RRP £1.99) The Nut Butter Triple Decker is made with three layers: a granola base, peanut butter, and chocolate topping. It was so good, I loved it. It feels more like a lush snack than a protein bar. I would buy these again too.

MiiRO Dessert Chocolate Bar Deliciously Rich in Hazelnuts 80g (RRP £2.50). I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m, obviously, looking forward to.

Wild Sweet Chilli and Onion Cassava Chips 40g (RRP £1.00) were nice, but a bit too hard for my taste. My husband liked them though, so it’s just a matter of personal preference.

Salt Of The Earth Ocean & Coconut Natural Roll-On Deodorant 75ml (RRP £5.49) smells so nice and fresh. It’s lovely.

As I said, this month I liked everything in the box. I’m very happy with the curry sauce, as I avoid the spicy ones and I will definitely buy this one again. Also, it’s not the only item I will buy again, so that’s really great too.

Lifestyle boxes are between £8 and £10, depending on the subscription, and £3.15 for P&P. Every month they give a donation to a charity and in May they picked Footprints Animal Sanctuary.

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  1. The wafer bar must be delicious! Something I’d love to try. I wish more of these snack brands would be available in France!
    The deodorant seems perfect to use in the summer with the coconut scent.
    I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend Anca!

    Julia x

  2. Looks like a very nice box for May. Hippeas often appear in Degustabox, so I know this brand quite well.
    Good to know about the curry sauce! I buy Yo Teriyaki sauce quite regularly, and it’s lovely. Must try the curry sauce too. Like you, I find some of the reay-made curry sauces too spicy.

  3. This looks like a fab box! I love katsu curry lately! I’ve not tried that sauce though. I love how there are loads of vegan options these days!

  4. It does look like a good selection this month. I’d be interested in trying everything. 😃

    Curry is one of those things in which I like many of the flavors, but is always too spicy for me.

    That’s quite a testimonial from your husband’s coworkers for the LoveRaw product. Maybe you should share it with the company!
    Kelly recently posted…I’d like to teach the world to singMy Profile

    1. It’s the same with me and curry, I usually find them a bit too spicy as well. It’s a very good idea to share the testimonial with the brand, they are doing a very good job. 😀

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