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Baking Along the Bake Off 2019

Another year of Baking Along the Bake Off. I wasn’t sure if I would have the time, but I did. Two weeks I prepared my desserts in the caravan, as I was away on holiday and in Oxford. I was delighted that David won, as he seems so lovely and his bakes were so great.

Collage of the bakes I made for GBBO bake along

This year I wasn’t as impressed with contestants overall though. For example, Helena was so keen on Halloween and witch stuff, perfect for a Halloween edition, but a bit strange when all her bakes were Halloween inspired. I loved her spider, but she wasn’t as versatile as a winner of Bake Off should be. Did they pick her on purpose, to make the show a bit more edgy?
Another baker, Michelle, was so keen to show off her heritage, being born in Wales. I was really curious to see her bakes and loved the theme, but again it seemed a bit too much. Also, imagine my surprise when she said she doesn’t know how a Tudor rose looks like… because she is Welsh?! Oh dear… the Tudor rose was a creation of Henry Tudor, born in Pembroke castle (Wales), to a welsh father, he landed in Milford Haven (south-west Wales) with his army, before gathering more welsh rebels before going into battle to take the crown from Richard III. I can’t figure out if the producers were trying to be controversial or that she had no idea what her heritage actually is. Either way it was strange.

The challenges are listed, by week, as Signature – Technical – Showstopper. The recipes for my bakes are all shared on CookStyle.

Week 1 - Wedgwood cake

Week 1 – Cake: Fruit Cake – 6 Angel Cake Slices – Birthday Cake that they would have loved as a child

I made the Wedgwood cake. It was something I was thinking of for a while and it was great that I had the opportunity to make it now.

Week 2 - Chocolate Coconut Biscuits

Week 2 - Fig Rolls

Week 2 – Biscuits: 12 Decorated Chocolate Biscuit Bars – 12 Fig Rolls – 3D Biscuit Sculpture

I made Chocolate Coconut Biscuits and Fig Rolls. Loved the idea of the fig rolls and the biscuit bars, so I made both as I couldn’t decided which one I’m more keen on.

Week 3 - Tear and Share Pizza Loaf

Week 3 – Bread: Tear & Share Loaf – 8 White Burger Baps & 4 Veggie Burgers – Decorative Loaf Display

I made Tear and Share Pizza Loaf. My husband loves pizza and this seemed like the best choice.

Week 4 - Sandesh Mishti

Week 4 – Dairy : Cultured Dairy Cake – 12 Maids of Honour – Display of Mishti

I made Sandesh Mishti, some milk powder based biscuits. I liked them, my husband wasn’t keen on them. A few months ago I bought some coconut milk powder and I might try to make a vegan version of Mishti using the coconut milk.

Week 5 - Prohibition Upside Down Cake

Week 5 – The Roaring Twenties: 4 Custard Pies – 18 Beignet Soufflés – Prohibition Era Cake

I made a Prohibition Upside Down Cake. This was a cake I baked while on camping and it turned out good. Considering how unimpressive the caravan oven is, I was very pleased with it.

Week 6 - Foret Noire Bombe

Week 6 – Desserts: Layered Meringue Cake – 6 Verrines – Celebratory Bombe

I made a Foret Noire Bombe was the first thing we thought of after we saw the show. It was something we both like. It was also one of the most challenging bakes of the season, for us. After you make this kind of bakes a few times, it  gets very easy.

Week 7 - Cozonac

Week 7 – Festivals: 24 Festival Buns – 12 Sicilian Cassatelles – Kek Lapis Sarawak

I made cozonac on Tuesday morning and the first challenge was to make a festive bake. Cozonac is a Romanian festive bake and David made a similar bake, but using a Bulgarian recipe.

Week 8 - Mushrooms and Onions Tarte Tatin

Week 8 – Pastries: Savoury Tarte Tatin – Moroccan Pie – Vertical Pie

I made Mushrooms and Onions Tarte Tatin, really good and very easy to make.

Week 9 - Merinque chocolate dessert

Week 9 – Pâtisserie: 8 Domed Tarts – Gâteau Saint Honoré – Sugar Glass Display Case

I made Merinque chocolate dessert with a dome. I had to improvise as I was away in Oxford. The initial thought was to make tarts, but I didn’t find tart casings (with suitable ingredients, as in sustainable palm oil), so I made these instead. On top are energy balls.

Week 10 - Chocolate Fudge Cake

Week 10 – Final: Ultimate Chocolate Cake – 6 Stilton Soufflés – Illusion Picnic Basket Feast

I made Chocolate Fudge Cake with white chocolate ganache. It was amazing!

These were my bakes for this year’s GBBO bake along.

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  1. You’re such an inspiration, Anca! With all the things going on in your life, travelling and studies, and you found time and opportunity to do a bake-along. Your bakes look scrumptious!
    I was pleased for David, but didn’t root for anyone this year in particular. As you say, Helena’s Halloween angle was getting boring, and the Welshness of Michelle started to grate as well as the series progressed. I wanted to tell her: OK, we got it, we know where you are from. I missed that bit with the Tudor rose, but the ignorance of the symbolism of Tudor rose and the origins of the Tudors is rather bizarre.

  2. I love that you do this more than anything. I need to remember to send this link to blogger Mae of Maefood. She’s a GBBS fan too.

    We got stalled watching the series with schedules because we like to watch it together. I’ll try to forget David won! But I know what you mean about Helena and Michelle. They both bugged me for the same reason (the Tudor Rose thing got me, too!)

    Your bakes are gorgeous, each and every one. I really admire the Wedgewood cake because the detail is so exquisite, but everything blows me away. I’m trying to imagine how delicious the meringue chocolate dessert tasted. I can’t believe it could possibly be better than it looked, which was spectacular! Three cheers to you, Anca!

  3. Of course I haven’t tasted them, and I’m sure that’s a large part of the competition, but from what I’ve seen of your offerings, I think you should be a contestant! These are all just gorgeous!

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