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Tees Transporter Bridge

After making a post about 3 Museums in Middlesborough, you might be curious why I’m dedicating an entire post to the Transporter Bridge over Tees. I do that because it’s a great piece of engineering. Before booking our short holiday in Middlesborough, I didn’t know about the bridge. I’ve seen it in a documentary, but I forgot its name and where it was. While we were driving around Middlesborough, we saw the bridge, so we’ve decided to go and see it.

Transporter Bridge

On Sundays the bridge is closed. Only the visitor centre was opened with details about the bridge and its fascinating history. We’ve had a chat with an engineer who was doing maintenance and found out the best time to come back to see the bridge in action.

The bridge is used by locals, so it gets busy in the peak hours, from 7.30 to 9 in the mornings. So, it’s best to go around 9, when it is not as busy as you can take pictures. The best way to see the bridge is on foot. Just beside the visitor centre is a pay & display car park, but the first two hours are free, perfect for tourists.

Transporter Bridge

The Tees Transporter Bridge is the longest working transporter bridge in the world and it was built in 1911.

Transporter Bridge

Instead of crossing a bridge as we normally would, the bridge takes us from one side to the other, very unusual and interesting. On a sunny day like we had, the views are lovely.

Transporter Bridge

We were ready to go. The staff at the bridge was fab, they were friendly and we’ve had a chat during our crossings.

Transporter Bridge

Transporter Bridge

I did enjoy the whole experience even before the highlight that you can read a bit further.

Transporter Bridge

When we crossed back, the engineer told us to come on the platform where the cars are, for a better view. He also allowed me to press the button to start the bridge, how exciting was that. He joked that I should go back to Liverpool and tell everybody that I’ve started the Transporter Bridge. Without knowing, he was right, as I’m literally telling everybody that I’ve started the bridge (or, at least, to everybody that is reading my posts).

Transporter Bridge

Transporter Bridge charges: 70p per crossing per person; £1.50 for cars, going up to £3 for cars with trailers. On specific days they offer tours of the walkway, for £5.50 per person. The view from up there must be amazing, but it’s not something I’d like to try though, I’m not good with heights. If you feel adventurous, you can even do a Bungee jump from the bridge.
Obviously, the prices are correct at the time the post is published, check online for up to date information.

The Transporter Bridge is on Ferry Road, Middlesbrough, TS2 1PL.

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  1. It seems mad that despite living not far from the bridge I have never seen it. I will have to visit one day. What fun starting the bridge!
    I did have to laugh today though because apparently it was closed due to fog. I am not quite sure how fog would affect it.

    1. That’s strange. The staff told us they close the bridge on very windy days, but said nothing about fog. It is peculiar.

  2. This is an amazing bridge! I’d like to see it one day. Oh and to get to start it is fab! I knew about the bridge before as it was featured in the 3rd or 4th series of Auf Weidersehen, Pet. It’s worth a watch!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a transporter bridge. It’s fascinating! Almost like an elevated ferry.

    I’ll pass on bungee jumping. I find that “sport” insane!

  4. Ahh! This brings back memories of being a child. My dad had a business on the Port Clarence side of the river and used the transporter bridge a lot. When I was little I hated that bridge and would scream and cry all the way across. lol Terrifying at the time but I have been over it as an adult and there’s nothing to worry about x

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