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October 2023

This was a very busy month, with us moving to Oxford for my studies. I only had time to read 2 books and visit 3 places, we went twice to London and Liverpool. I’m enjoying the crazy schedule, but I have to admit at first it was a bit overwhelming. I have things scheduled almost every day, which includes the weekends too. I joined 3 societies and I am enjoying those as well.


This month I matriculated. Because I’m at Oriel, we had two ceremonies, one to accepted into Oriel, a week before the matriculation. Both were in sub fusc and academicals. It was very special. I decided for trousers because it was cold and they had pockets. My idea of finding a suitable skirt with pockets failed.


I was able to attend some pretty amazing talks this month. These are on top of the lectures/talks I am going to as a part of my studies. These are really great. So, I’ve been to hear Nico Rosberg [F1 champion], Alondra Nelson [White House advisor], Lord Ricketts [From the House of Lords], and Bill Browder [financier who lobbied for the Magnitsky Act]. I also went to see Professor Ralph Cleminson talking about early printed books in Ukraine.
I enjoyed all the talks, what a privilege to be able to attend.


In London we went to Cream.Dream, the vegan Ukrainian-owned cafe in Soho for some amazing desserts, to Pastan, and to the CuppaPug. I blogged about them, so do check them out if you want to know more.

Wheatley Windmill

In Oxford we went to see Wheatley Windmill and we also went to the Didcot Railway Centre, of which I’m going to blog next month.


1. Lunch at a Lebanese restaurant. 2. Dessert feast at the vegan patisserie Cream.Dream in London. 3. I bought the gown, mortar-board, and black ribbon. 4. One of Oriel’s quads. 5. Faculty of History, at nighttime. 6. University Church of St Mary the Virgin, where I had my admission to the College. 7. I was officially admitted into Oriel. 8. Wheatley Windmill. 9. The academic year has officially started. 10. Formal Hall. 11. Feeling highly ignored by the cat from the Sports centre. 12. Graduate Freshers’ Dinner. 13. Horses. 14. Matriculation. 15. CuppaPug. 16. Lunch at Pastan (the day before). 17. Formal Hall with my husband. 18. Lord Ricketts talk on defense. 19. Ethics in AI Annual Lecture with Alondra Nelson. 20. Lipstick plant in bloom. 21. Live. Fight. Survive by Shaun Pinner. 22. Chrysanthemums in my garden. 23. Nico Rosberg at Oxford. 24. Oxford. 25. Bill Browder event. 26. Gorgeous orchard in one of the colleges in Oxford. 27. Formal Hall. 28. Steam train ride in Didcot. 29. Still recovering after a cold, so warm tea is on the menu. 30. Early printed books from Ukraine: Treasures from the Bodleian, a lecture given by Professor Ralph Cleminson. 31. Roman statues I’m presenting.


I only managed to read 2 books, as I had a lot to read for university, but only a few chapters from a book, so it doesn’t count. I think Shaun’s book should be read widely. It gives a realistic and genuine account of his life in Ukraine and as a russian prisoner. Do make sure you read it if you can.

Books I read in October:
Live. Fight. Survive by Shaun Pinner – 5 stars
Conflict Landscapes by Salvatore Garfi – 2.5 stars

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  1. You seemed to do a lot, even if it is less than you usually do! I wish my husband and I were as motivated as you are! We seem to have stopped doing so many fun things!x

  2. Wow, Anca, that was a super busy month – how on earth do you manage it all! I bet the Bill Browder event was wonderful, I am such an admirer of his, and Timothy Snyder too. Glad things are going well for you.

    1. I joined 3: the Ukrainian society, the Rifle Club, and Stubbs society (have guests speaking on defence, media). I think it’s the right amount, with the other things going on at the college and at the faculty.

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I don’t know how you do all that you do! It’s an exciting time in your life and I know you’re enjoying all these new challenges. Will you live in Oxford during the week and spend weekends at your Liverpool home?
    Kelly recently posted…Dark Side of the MoonMy Profile

    1. I have a spreadsheet in excel to help with organising. I also planned the events and lectures I’m going to until December. As soon as I know the series of lectures or when the events are taking place, I’m deciding on them and write them down in my excel, with links to check them out again closer to the day.
      We are spending as much time as possible in Oxford. We had to go to Liverpool to get more stuff, but now it’s settled.

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