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Pictures with Festus

I have decided to make a short post with pictures with Festus. These are from the last two months or so. He is feeling better these days, as we are trailing a new supplement regime for his joints. He is very old, 11 years and 10 months a few days ago, so he needs a bit of support. This is not keeping him from barking at the neighbours or watching the birds in the garden though. Of course, the Olympics are a huge success with him, as he loves both Taekwondo and anything with balls. Artistic gymnastic is great too, with the floor being a strong favourite. Dressage too has je ne sais quoi.


Festus in the garden

Relaxing in the garden

Working with dad

You will see in the garden the hose out. In the heatwave I am constantly giving Festus showers, fresh cold water, and, of course, spray water around him to cool the grass down making sure he is comfortable.

Mum reading

Birds on the fence

Spot the birds on the fence and at the feeder?

under the parasol

Dog in the garden

Rolling in the grass is a great pastime.

Rolling around

Festus watching dressage

Sleeping dog

Fast asleep after watching too much Olympic games.


Treat for his 11 years and 10 months anniversary.

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  1. Festus is looking good. I love that last head-on photo and seeing him roll and play. I’m glad he’s doing better and that you are cherishing these times. He’s so handsome. (The garden is looking good, too!) Happy week to you!

  2. Aw, it is bittersweet to record pictures of our furry friends, especially as they get older (that’s why I have so many cat pictures on my blog). Festus is a beautiful boy, and I’m so glad he’s enjoying the weather – and the Olympics! I haven’t found a sport yet that Vizzini is interested in. 🙂

    Take care, Anca!

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