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Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

In our trip to London, hubby suggested I went to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium while he was busy with work. I wasn’t sure I will get a table as I didn’t book in advance. Luckily, someone just cancelled their booking before I got there. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen the film I shared while I was at the cafe.


If you plan to visit the cafe, there is a £6.50 general admission fee, the money raised with this fee are used for the cats. Beside this, you can order what you want, the menu has a lot of options, good prices. The visits are maximum 90 minutes, but as I was alone, I was there for only 30-40 minutes. Before guests are allowed in, they have to go through the gift shop, where they must wash their hands. There are some rules, basic common sense. If the cats are sleeping or grooming, leave them alone. Also, only play and interact with the cats that want the attention.

The cafe has two floors, the basement floor is bigger, with more tables and lots of cat toys and beds.

This is the first floor, where a cat was sleeping. She was interacting with people, when she was in the mood. You can see it in the background. Even though there were lots of cute looking cat beds, she was taking a nap on the floor.

This was the cat I was able to pet, very mild tempered and ready to show her tummy for a rub. I took this picture before leaving.

Another cat was sleeping in her hammock. She wasn’t bothered at all that people were coming and going, she was too busy relaxing and ignoring us.

One of the cats loves going on the wheel, but only if the cat carer was looking at her. She was so funny.


The decor of the cafe is beautiful, there are so many places where the cats can hide without anybody pestering them. I would say the cats have a lovely life there. One of the cats had an illness transmissible to other cats and it was necessary to re-home her. The carer took her as her only pet, that was a nice story. All the cats are rescue, one of them was brought by a couple of tourist who were looking for a cat shelter after finding the cat as a stray.

The carer of the cats is the lady that is talking to the cat that decided the best place to have a nap is under the cloth.

The funny thing is that people that arrived after she settled there, were walking past without noticing her. She was hidden in plain sight.

The cafe has lots of toys for the little ones.





I had a sugar-free iced coffee, it was lovely.

Can you spot the cat?


The walkway between the tree and the wall was one of my favourite features of the cafe. Having a sleeping cat on it made it even better. She didn’t move at all, I looked at her a lot as my table was just underneath the walkway.





Have you been to a cat cafe? Would you like to?

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