Blogging at Christmas

The Blog everyday in November challenge is almost over and I think I did pretty good, except for a couple of days when I was too busy to blog. I will write more about it tomorrow, in a roundup.

Today the theme is Christmas and I want to share my blogging schedule for December and Christmas. Of course I will blog about other things too, but I have a few things planned and I want to share them.

Blogging at Christmas. Special series on the blog.

I am in the process of making a series of 3 posts that will be published every Friday until Christmas with different topics and help from other bloggers.

Blogging at Christmas

The first post is Vegetarian Christmas and it will go live on 4th December. I’m going to share only vegetarian recipes that I made and from other bloggers. I will post mainly savoury dishes as the sweet ones are almost all vegetarian anyway.

The second post is The best Christmas gift and it will go live on 11th December. I will talk about the best Christmas gift I received. I will also ask bloggers to share their stories. I think it will be fascinating, can’t wait to start writing it.

The last post in this mini series is Christmas traditions and it will go live on 18th December. I hope I can get involved a few expats so they can share different traditions from different cultures.

If you want to get involved in any post, I would be delighted. Send me an email (the email address is in the about me page), tell me on twitter or leave a comment.

Blogging at Christmas. Instagram challenge.

Also I’m joining a new challenge on Instagram. It’s organized by Angela and it looks fab. I can’t wait to share my pictures, so don’t forget to give me a follow if you want to see them.

Instagram challenge for Christmas. Blogging at Christmas
These are the themes for the pictures. It’s so exciting.

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  1. OooOOooh, very interested in the Veggie Christmas post as this is my husband’s first year as a veggie!x

  2. I can’t wait to read the veggie post! This year is my first year being veggie over Christmas.

    Corinne x

  3. I am SO looking forward to reading your Vegetarian Christmas post, what a great idea! Don’t know if you saw my reply the other day but you’re right about Sainsbury’s marshmallows 🙁 I realised I haven’t actually bought marshmallows since becoming a vegetarian, and now I don’t know where to get vegetarian ones. Anyway, I’ll keep looking, and you’ll be the first to know when I find some 🙂 x

    1. I saw it. I don’t think it’s easy to find marshmallows, I will have to make them myself. This week I’m going to make them.
      There are many desserts that aren’t vegetarian even though it’s not something I had imagined. I might write a post about it.

      1. You’re right, they’re not easy to find. You can buy them online but they’re quite expensive for a small amount, plus it’s hard to tell if the shops are any good . It’s only when you become a vegetarian that you notice how many products have animal ingredients in them. That would be an interesting blog post 🙂

  4. Looks like I totally missed out on the November challenge, that would have been an awesome one to be a part of. Congrats on finishing strong with it! I’m looking forward to your first Christmas post of Vegetarian Christmas! I have a number of veggie friends and sometimes it’s hard to come up with dishes or items that would satisfy all. The instagram challenge, is it the challenge to snap a photo of that topic that day? I haven’t been a part of those so it would be pretty interesting! 😀

    1. Thank you Tess. On Instagram you have to post each day (if you can) something related to the topic for that day. It sounds very exciting, I hope you’ll join in xx

  5. I can’t believe I managed #BEDN! I also have a post coming about my best ever Christmas gift as well! I’m hoping to take part in the Instagram challenge too but I’m already stuck on the first one! x

    1. Sounds fab, I can’t wait to read about it. If it’s published before the 11th I can include it. xx

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