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My garden in March

Three weeks ago I shared pictures with my garden and talked about the new lawn. Well, it’s for the new update: My garden in March. I took the pictures a couple of days ago, when the weather was nicer. Now is raining, and while the garden still looks lovely, I’m not keen on spending time outside taking pictures.

My garden in March

In the post I talked about the levelling of the lawn and adding new seeds. The pigeons did their best to eat as many seeds as they could. Also, the seeds were not starting to sprout as expected, so, last week we had a delivery of grass rolls.

grass roll delivery

Here is the grass. It was very easy to put down, it took about 2 hours and a half from start to finish. I was very pleased with that. The individual rolls are a bit heavy, but I was able to move them, so that speed up the process.

The grass is not that expensive, it was cheaper than I was assuming it would be. Each roll was about £3. My husband picked up the “suitable for football” kind of grass, as economy was not suitable for us, with a dog, and also luxury meant the grass looked better, but it was not strong enough. The fact that we have a dog made a big difference for us. We couldn’t afford to wait until the grass grew on its own when spring is near, as our elderly dog likes to stay outside and he always stayed on grass and not on the concrete slabs where the setting is.

My garden in March - new lawn

We laid down the grass on the same day it arrived, after my husband finished his work. The grass was harvested the day before and we received the pallet of grass in the afternoon. It was really great, as all was finished in a few hours.

As you can see, we worked under the watchful and inquisitive eyes of the pigeons. They were really puzzled by the grass rolls. It was hilarious to see them. After the grass was put in place, my husband watered the garden. After that, I had the idea to use the leftover grass to patch the grass on the street. It was much better than throw it away, of course.

The pictures were taken 5 days after the grass was laid down and it looks pretty great. I’m happy to say that all grass is still green and looking better and better.

new bulbs

Before laying down the grass I’ve planted some bulbs, seen in the picture above. I hope they will grow. I don’t think that I can plant any more bulbs, as the plants from last year are looking like they are growing great this year. There are some that died and I planted there, as I never intended to dig up plants and move them indoors.

Flowers in bloom

The bulbs planted in January started to bloom and it’s just lovely. The nearby allium is also growing at a lovely speed.

Plants and flowers in the garden

The climbing plants are starting to grow again. The Passiflora at the back of the garden doesn’t look too good, but I hope that it is still with us.


Another climber is doing so well, kept green throughout the winter and now is growing once more.

Plants starting to grow

The right-side raised bed is coming to life too. There are lots of green plants, but no flowers in bloom just now.


The poppies are growing so much. If you check the last post on the garden you’ll see the difference a month made. I am so happy many of the plants I planted last year are going to grow this year too. I was thinking that I will have to replace many of them, but so far it looks like many survived the winter. I’m not sure about the dahlias though.


In the fig planter I put some of the smaller bulbs and many of them are now in bloom. It looks just wonderful.

Fig tree

My husband says the fig tree didn’t survive the winter. I am still hoping that it did. If it didn’t, I’m going to get another tree, but not a fig.

Cherry tree

The cherry tree, which was a late addition to our garden is doing so well. It is full of leaves and looking great. I put some grass roll under the apple and the cherry tree, as I think it will keep the moisture into the soil for longer. Both trees are in planters, so the moisture can be an issue during the summer.

raspberry bush

The raspberry bush is doing so well since I moved it to a bigger pot. I cut back some of its branches last year and now it is doing very well.

strawberry plant

The strawberry plant is another one which stayed green throughout winter. It was smaller than it was in the summer, but kept green, so I let it do its thing. From last month I noticed some green shoots, but now these are much larger and they grew. I’m very happy with it.

The edible pansies are not looking like they are going to grow though. I will keep an eye on them and replace the plant in April if nothing happens. I also plan to plant some seeds in April, in pots, to keep in the conservatory and some outside. I planted some on the window sill and I harvested some salad. Also I have 6 plants of chilli, from a chilli I bought last year. I kept some seeds and 6 of them transformed into lovely little plants.

I would love to hear your tips and ideas, so please share them.

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  1. Very neat lawn, Anca! And that’s so kind of you to think of Festus’s needs.. He will surely enjoy the grass and the garden. I haven’t grown any of the flowers you just bought, they look beautiful, and I hope they will bloom well. Will be looking forward to seeing flower photos later in the year.
    Why do you think the fig is dead? Have you tried breaking off or cutting a thin branch to see if there’s any green in there? It might still be dormant.

    1. It started to grow, so it’s not dead. It just took a bit longer to start growing again. I’m delighted. 🙂

  2. We had to replace some of our grass with rolls of turf last year but now our lawn looks like a patchwork! If you mulched your dahlia it may have survived (mine do) but if not, they’re cheap enough to buy as tubers and start again. Peacock orchids are some of my faves too, so pretty and so striking. Glad to see so much Spring colour in your garden, Anca 🙂

    1. Aww, you’ve scared me with the grass. In the worst case scenario, we might get a few rolls to replace any that might be off. All the grass looks great now, green and healthy, I hope it will stay like this.
      Last year I bought dahlias as big plants with flowers and they were really great. I will replace them with plants instead of tubers, as I imagine the tubers should be planted now. One of the plants has a green shoot, but not the rest. I’ll wait and see. 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by. xx

  3. Ah, we have to replace grass too. CBC scarified the lawn and sprinkled seed and then annoyingly, the next morning, all the ground feeding birds seemed to be chowing it down as fast as they could.
    Your garden is looking really lovely and I particularly like the fig with the crocuses- that looks gorgeous. I had some crocus corms to plant and I forgot- pity as they would look lovely in with OUR fig!
    I’m sure your Passiflora will come back. No matter how much we abuse ours, it always comes back!

  4. It looks great, Anca, I love the bulbs — and looking so nice for early in the season, too. Can’t wait to see it in future months when it all fills out! Looks like hard work, laying the grass, but it sure was worth it. Looks terrific!

  5. The new lawn really looks nice – so lush and green! We’ve only worked with sod cut into squares, but I like the look of those rolls. I hope Festus appreciates your efforts. 😀
    Kelly recently posted…Lawn Mower RaceMy Profile

    1. It was easy to work with rolls, although I imagine is even easier with squares. Festus loves the new lawn, he used it once to eat his snack outside, but we avoid letting him on the grass until it is properly established.

  6. The grass looks amazing. Funny to see the pigeons watching over the grass placing process. They must be wondering where their seeds went. It was definitely the right call to order glass roles, they look great and with the pigeons eating the seeds, you probably wouldn’t be able to grow the kind of glass surface you were hoping for so I would say this is the perfect solution. I’m sure your dog will enjoy it too.
    Ivana Split recently posted…FRIDAY FASHION ILLUSTRATION: SPRING VIBESMy Profile

    1. Thank you Ivana. I was thinking the same thing, that the pigeons were upset they left some seeds on the ground. The grass rolls are great, much better than I was expecting them to be, so I’m very happy.

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