The Apprentice, my favourite TV show

For a long period of time I didn’t have a TV. I used to watch the news online at an external monitor and movies/shows at the projector. Hubby and I bought our first TV a couple of years ago. We still have the projector that we use for movies, but with lots of interesting TV shows and documentaries, now the TV and the Sky box are vital in our house.

We have a 40″ Toshiba and it was fine, although a few things have changed since we got it. We moved and the space we have now for the TV is much bigger. Also hubby made his own loudspeakers, 2 small ones near the sofa for surround and the 2 standing ones (in the picture, made by him, all handmade, I’m so proud). Now he says we should get another TV, like this Panasonic Viera, 4k TV. He feels we need a TV with some extra features that the one we have now doesn’t have. I can’t even begin to understand what he is saying, something about how the AV receiver and the TV are connected. This is “affecting” how the sound gets to the loudspeakers. If anybody is curious how this works, I can ask him to do a guest post for me. Basically we need a new TV with an ARC-thingy.

The Apprentice 2015 tv show

One of my favourite TV shows, at the moment, is The Apprentice. I also watch culinary shows like Master Chef and Great British Bake Off, you can have a look at my bake along. I find documentaries interesting too, I watched Animal Super Parents, A Very British Romance with Lucy Worsley.

I watched The Apprentice for the first time last year and I liked it a lot. It’s very interesting how the tasks are made and how they react in different situations. Sometimes I find aspects that can make me think of how I’m doing different work-related tasks.
This year they started with an episode in which they had to cook some fish and to sell it. It was amazing how bad some of the contestants were. In the next episode they had to make an advertising campaign for a cactus shampoo. I didn’t like either of the campaigns. Third episode involved the buying of a few different items in UK and France. The leadership was vital for that task.

Next one was the pet retail show. In every season they have to go to a retail show, I think that is my favourite episode in the series. Going to trade shows is part of my job. Of course they are different from retail shows, but they are similar enough to get some new ideas.
Last week they had to make a children’s book. It was a fascinating endeavour. The story made by the team where the team leader had kids wasn’t as good as the other one, amazingly.

Tonight it’s a new episode. Their task is to set up and run a handyman business. Some of the tasks might seem unrelated with being a entrepreneur, like this one. In fact, many times as an entrepreneur one has to do a lot of things that aren’t even remotely related to the core of the business, but it’s important for another task.

I don’t have a favourite candidate at the moment. I like David and Scott. Do you watch The Apprentice? Do you have a favourite candidate?

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  1. I’ve never watched this show but it sounds interesting! Love that your hubby made those speakers, so cool!

  2. I haven’t seen the Apprentice. I only watched my first episode of British Bake-Off a few weeks back. I watch most things online 🙂

    1. Really? Bake Off is fab, I think it’s exciting to see all those cakes and new recipes :)) I want to bake all of them :))

  3. I’ve never seen The Apprentice, but I know how addicting good reality TV can be. I’ll have to check it out!

  4. I don’t watch the apprentice but I have the shows I look forward to and truly enjoy glad you found yours.

  5. I LOVE the Apprentice. We don’t gave a tv but I catch up on I player. It is so cool and I’d love to gave a go at the challenges!!!Xx

    1. I would like to try the challenges too, but I wouldn’t want to join the show and live there for a couple of months 😀

  6. I’ve never seen the apprentice but it sounds pretty entertaining. Maybe I’ll check it out.

    Allison Jones

  7. Love the Apprentice, although I’ve gotta say I don’t think they’re really good at all this year. The fact that there was a triple firing so far into the process speaks says it all! I’d say Scott is my favourite so far.

  8. I love The Apprentice! Been watching it from the very first series. The trade show episode is one of my favourites as well. I don’t really have a favourite candidate but I really don’t like the Selina the man. The children’s book was interesting one – I did like the “elephant monster” book and don’t agree that the words were too advanced – every child is different.

  9. I love the Apprentice, it has been one of my favourite tv shows for a long time. I don’t have a favourite candidate at the moment, but that will probably change towards the final. Enjoy tonight’s episode!x

    1. Thank you Chiara x I’m sure you liked it too, 3 people were fired from the competition, that is not happening very often.

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