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Colourful Smoothie Challenge, first 10 days

I’ve started the Colourful Smoothie challenge this June and so far I was able to make a smoothie every day.

I am so glad I started it. Most days I skipped on the 2nd mug of coffee and I had more fruits. Also, another good aspect is that I get thirsty, probably as a combination of less coffee and more healthy drinks.

Having a list with all the smoothies I realized 2 things: my smoothies aren’t that colourful and I hardly make savoury smoothies. For the next 10 days I plan to make a green smoothie, 5 savoury and 5 sweet.

01 banana grapes and cinnamon smoothie
Day 1: A not-so-colourful smootie: banana, white grapes and cinnamon.

02 banana blueberries and almond flake smoothie
Day 2: Banana and blueberries with almond flakes.

03 Chocolate and orange smoothie
Day 3: Chocolate and orange smoothie.

04 Cucumber olives yogurt and dill smoothie
Day 4: Cucumber, olives and yogurt with dill.

05 Banana and pineapple with turmeric smoothie
Day 5: Banana and pineapple with turmeric for extra colour.

06 Carrot, apple and cinnamon smoothie
Day 6: Carrot, apple and cinnamon.

07 plums and pineapple juice smoothie
Day 7: Plums with pineapple juice.

08 Peach milk honey and vanilla smoothie
Day 8: Peaches with milk, honey and vanilla.

09 Banana and strawberries smoothie with milk and Chia seeds
Day 9: Banana and strawberries smoothie with milk and Chia seeds.

10 Banana with protein and figs
Day 10: Protein smoothie with dried figs and bananas.

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  1. Some great ideas here. Your smoothies look so nice! I have been using a Blend Active for a few months now and I love it. Actually I’ve got out of the habit in the last couple of weeks, much buy fruit at lunch time. I’ve been very bad at the idea of green smoothies, I just can’t bring myself to put spinach or kale in it – so I’ve stuck to fruit.

  2. Why have a never thought of putting cinnamon in smoothies before? I bet it tastes wonderful.

    I still love the look of the chocolate orange one!

    Corinne x

    1. Thanks xx It was very tasty with cinnamon. I like adding some spices for an extra flavour.

  3. I am SO intrigued by these flavours! Truly creative! Mmm, I love chocolate milkshake so I like the sound of the orange chocolate one and the plum and pineapple sounds right up my street. Not so sure about the banana one- really not a fan of banana thigns!x

  4. Wow, these are really interesting recipes we are definitely going to try some of them out. Particularly like the sound of Peaches, milk, honey and vanilla and have never tried olives in a smoothie so that’s something to try 🙂

  5. All these smoothies look amazing!! I love the combinations, too 🙂 I think I’d like to try this challenge, and I drink way too much coffee, anyway. I also have a new juicer, so I have no excuse! x

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