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Going to King’s College

Two years ago, to the day, I shared that I was going to Oxford for a Foundation course. It was a two-year part-time course equivalent to the first year at university. In these two years I’ve had weekly seminars, dozens of lectures, studied 5 modules, wrote 12 essays (one of 4,000 words and the others of 2,000), had 4 exams, a presentation, and about 15 tutorials. Going for the part-time approach was so good for me, as a mature student returning to academia.

From September I’m going to continue my studies at King’s College London. I will study full-time, which I’m very excited about. They offered me a place from year 2, so I will graduate in two years from now. It will be a big change, especially as I will move to London or nearby (I’m still to decide where I will stay, there are plenty of options to pick from). Yesterday I had a chat with a friend and she suggested a place I didn’t consider before, but that would work nicely.

picture of me

I will start with some details about the picture. When I edited the picture in Photoshop I realised that just behind me is a book about George IV (just above me, to the left of the picture). This is where the book is in my bookcase, but it’s very appropriate, as King George IV granted the charter in 1829.

Studying history involves a lot of independent study with all the modules involving a 2-hours seminar or an 1-hour seminar and 1-h lecture. In the first semester I will have a mandatory module – History & Memory – which I think is very similar to the presentation I made for Oxford, but involving a lot more research. I know that I will enjoy this a lot. This module asks students to visit a couple of museums in London too, which is great.

Besides this mandatory module, which is in both semesters, I will have two all year modules and another module in each semester. I submitted my choices for the optional modules. I am yet to have these confirmed, but it’s still a month until we’ll start. Of course, I would love to know all the modules today, so I can start looking for relevant books.

The modules are diverse, so it’s a good range of choices, from ancient to contemporary history, from the British Isles to US, Australia, Africa, and Asia. The courses for history will take place in the Strand campus, that’s in walking distance of British Museum, Trafalgar Square, and St Paul’s Cathedral (12-15 min). More appropriately for history, it is the founding campus of the university.

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  1. That’s so exciting! Will you be coming home at the weekends to see your husband and Festus?
    Looking forward to reading about your studies at King’s, and all the history books you’re going to read.

  2. I am so very excited for you, Anca! You’ve worked so hard — and even during Covid. And the program sounds exciting. I know you’ll love your time there, London, everything about it. I hope we will be in London in fall 2022 and if we are, you’ll still be at school so we can get together for lunch or dinner! Big smiles and lots of joy from Michigan!

  3. This is such exciting news! I’m glad to see some of my questions answered in your exchange with Yvonne. I look forward to experiencing part of this journey with you (in your book reviews and posts shared here) and wish you all the best! I know Festus (and your husband) will miss having you home on a daily basis.
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    1. Thank you. My path towards the 2nd degree is unconventional, but better for mature students in my mind. I know they will miss me, I will miss them too.

  4. Oh congrats, that’s great news, I’m so pleased for you! Can’t wait to hear how you get on and looking forward to hearing your impressions of living in London 🙂

  5. Well Done You!

    I wish that I had had the courage to return to mature learning many years ago when I was young enough to cope with it!

    Will you qualify for a full degree after the two years full time study and what are your aspirations career wise?

    Does your husband’s job enable you both to move to London, or are you going to have to be apart except for the holidays? You will surely miss both him and Festus if you are to be separated!

    I do hope that you will still find a few minutes to publish the occasional post, but achieving something you have your heart set on is so much more important.

    Good Luck! 🙂

    1. Thank you

      Yes, I will have a BA in History. The only difference is that I joined King’s from year 2, as the course at Oxford had 120 CATS points at first-year undergraduate level. It will be a bit strange, I think, to join with everyone who already know each other from year 1.

      We can’t move with Festus, he is too old, but I will come back home as much as I can, maybe even weekly depending on the schedule.

      I will continue to blog, on coffee&books I will write reviews because that helps me remember books after a few years. I plan to write a recipe each week, but it might be less than that. I will also continue to blog here too, as I imagine that I will have plenty of things to write about from London. 🙂

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