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The Vibe Café

The Vibe Café is a plant-based coffee shop in Liverpool. They have amazing food, amazing desserts, and a perfect location in the city centre. They are in walking distance of L1’s shopping centre, from Albert Dock and its lovely museums, and very close to a lot of transport links too.

The staff is friendly and helpful. It is a family run business, so perfect for the ones who like to support small local businesses. My husband and I went there a few times before I made this post, just because it’s so nice. The pictures are taken at different times. Check their website for more details.

Specialty Lattes

I will start with their Specialty Lattes, clockwise, from top left: Lavender latte, Chai latte, Matcha latte, and Pink Velvet latte (with beetroot). One is £3.95, so quite a good value for money. I liked all of them and I would gladly have any of them again. Chai latte works great with the chocolate desserts, if you want to keep that in mind.


This is CORONATION CAULI WRAP – Roast cauliflower tossed in our homemade coronation mix with greens wrapped in a beetroot and chia tortilla. It’s £4.95. It’s very good, a perfect light lunch.


Spud bowl – A base of baked potato topped with our house beans and fresh greens, red cabbage and a dollop of houmous and roasted chickpeas and seeds. It’s £8.95. This is one of their bowls, they have a few different ones. It’s a nice, filling meal. I am not sure I would pick this one, as their other options sound more interesting, but this was ok nonetheless.


VEGGS ROYALE – Homemade vegan poached eggs on a bed of spinach,smoked carrot ‘salmon’ and an English muffin,smothered in hollandaise sauce. It’s £9.95. I loved this, the texture of the “egg” is realistic and it has a lovely and creamy centre. I was impressed with this and I would gladly have it again.


Now, for vegans and non-vegans… the most important thing: the desserts. So, the croissants are really good. The white one is with chocolate and the black one is with charcoal. I like both, but I prefer the charcoal one, possibly because it’s so black and I love that. These are really good with a latte.

Caramel slice and orange and chocolate cake

The caramel slice was very good and smooth, I enjoyed it a lot. The orange and chocolate cheesecake was very nice too, smooth and delicious, full of flavour. I don’t think anyone would realise these are not made with dairy cheese.

Chocolate and caramel cake

Last but not least, the chocolate and caramel cake, which is delicious. This is another dessert I would happily have again and again and again.

The Vibe Café is in Unit 1a, Chancery House, 96 Paradise St, Liverpool L1 3HE.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I should not have read this post before lunch, I am CRAVING the Veggs Royale and that amazing looking Pink Velvet latte (with beetroot) now! Yum, thank you for sharing, although I’m very jealous you have this on your doorstep!

  2. Everything looks so good! I’d love to try vegan eggs (I’ve never had them before, so curious about the texture) and of course the lavender latte, perfect for a summer coffee. This is a wonderful address, thank you for sharing it!

    Julia x

  3. I thought it was a baked sweet potato, looking at the black croissant. 🙂 Lavender latte sounds interesting, would love to try it. The chocolate cake slice looks lush!

  4. Several of these dishes really tempt me and all are plated beautifully. There’s a place here that has frozen chai lattes (called a chai latte velvet ice) that are delicious. I’ve had them with both almond milk and oat milk.

    1. I think you’d love to try many of these, they are so different. It’s impressive how much the vegan options changed in only a few years. From dubious salads, now we can have lots of cakes, interesting dishes, and delicious drinks. It’s amazing.

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