Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

I would like to thank Becster for nominating me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers tag. She shares my passion for F1 and I love reading her stories.


Rules of the awards:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link them in your post
2. Answer the ten questions you have been sent
3. Come up with 10 questions of your own
4. Spread the love and nominate up to 10 bloggers

1) What’s your favourite film/movie?
My favourite movie must be A Hazard of Hearts. It’s an old movie made after a Barbara Cartland novel. I love romantic novels and this genre of movies are high on my favourite list. I loved Poldark, Gone with the wind, The Thorn Birds and movies made after novels by Barbara Cartland and Jane Austin.

2) If you could visit anywhere for a day, where would you go?
Antarctica. Without a doubt my choice would be Antarctica, is such a beautiful part of the world, the landscape is breathtaking and there are penguins. Is unlikely I would afford a trip there in the near future (£4,000 per person, I looked).

3) Are you a cat or dog person?
I’m definitely a dog person, as I have Festus. Hubby and I had a cat that now lives with my mother and we love him dearly, but we both prefer dogs.

4) Do you watch any soaps?
Not at the moment, but I used to watch them as a teen.

5) Favourite snack to binge on?
I don’t have a favourite snack, I like home made popcorn, spiced pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

6) Most hated chore to have to do?
I don’t like chores at all. I assume some people find cooking as a chore, but I love cooking, I would spend hours every day cooking if I had the time and did put weight on. To make things easier I’m using as many appliances as I can.

7) Do you eat your fruit and veggies?
As a vegetarian with a passion for cooking, fruits and veggies play an important role in my recipes. Even so I have to pay attention to veggies when I’m busy and I tend to find the easy way out with pizza, potatoes and pasta.

8) 50 Shades of Gray – yay or nay?
Nay :))

9) What do you normally eat for breakfast?
For breakfast I eat sandwiches with or without soup. At the moment, in one hour after breakfast I exercise, so I need the “fuel”.

10) Tea or coffee?
Coffee! I love Earl Grey, but coffee is my first love. I started drinking coffee as a teenager with sugar and milk and whipped cream and flavours. When I become an employee I’ve started to reduce the flavours and the whipped cream. As I was drinking a lot of coffee, I skipped the sugar and then the milk. Now I drink my coffee black, every day and now I can’t drink it if it has sugar or anything else. I love the taste of coffee.

My 10 questions:
1. Holidays abroad or staycations?
2. What is your favourite TV show?
3. Would you rather go into the future or the past?
4. Do you have a favourite book?
5. Sweet or savoury? Which one do you prefer?
6. Have you taken dance lessons?
7. Would you rather spend money on clothes or makeup?
8. Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
9. Would you like to be a full time blogger?
10. Do you like sudoko puzzles?

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