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Jamie’s Italian review

My husband and I went a few days ago to Jamie’s Italian for dinner. I was invited to review the restaurant. I had to take the opportunity as I passed by the restaurant a few times when I was shopping in Liverpool, but never got in.

Jamie's Italian review
The restaurant is in a very good location, close to the L1 shopping centre. I had a look on the menu before going and I wanted to try all the vegetarian dishes as all of them sounded fab. So, after pondering, I decided to get a starter, a small main and a dessert. It turned out to be the best option and hubby made the same choice. The staff was helpful and the service was fast. We received our drink and starters in a few minutes.

Jamie's Italian review
My starter was Baked chestnut mushrooms with music bread, smoked mozzarella & thyme. I loved it. The mushrooms were cooked perfectly, the bread was crispy. The dish was a delight, I enjoyed it a lot.

Jamie's Italian review
Hubby’s starter was porcini arancini. Arancini are fried balls of mushroom risotto. They came with cheese fondue. I tried one and it was delicious. The arancini were crisp on the outside and they weren’t oily at all.

05 Jamie's italian restaurant Liverpool
As hubby was driving he had orange juice and I had a glass of Merlot.

Jamie's Italian review
My main was the dish I enjoyed the most, pumpkin ravioli. The pasta was thin and well cooked, the filling of roasted squash in the middle of the ravioli was delicious. The sauce had mustard and that went beautifully with the ravioli. There were a couple of pieces of pumpkin that I liked too, they were crisp on the outside and soft in the middle. The surprise was crushed amaretti breadcrumbs, they were great, much sweeter than the pumpkin, it added an extra layer of taste that it made the dish amazing. There were a few fried sage leaves and I liked those too.
I will definitely add some amaretti crumbs in one my savoury dishes, I loved the idea so much.

Jamie's Italian Liverpool restaurant review
Hubby had the wild mushroom and winter greens risotto. The waiter asked if he wants Parmesan, but hubby declined as it was not vegetarian and he wanted to give me the opportunity to taste the dish.
Hubby was very happy with the risotto, he liked it more than my ravioli. I thought the risotto is lovely, but my ravioli dish was better.

08 Jamie's italian restaurant Liverpool
For dessert I chose the amalfi lemon meringue cheesecake with mascarpone, served with lemon curd and blackcurrants. I liked it a lot, it had the right amount of sweetness, the meringue was delicious. The cheesecake was lush, an indulgence.

Jamie's Italian Liverpool restaurant review
Hubby loves tiramisu and his dessert was amazing. I liked the coffee flavour and the slight bitterness.

10 Jamie's italian restaurant Liverpool
We had time for a coffee, americano for me and a latte for hubby.

11 Jamie's italian restaurant Liverpool

I enjoyed my meal a lot and it’s a restaurant I will go to again. I think the prices are great and the staff was attentive but not intrusive.

Jamie's Italian review
There are a few dishes in the menu that I would love to try, so I will go back for another pretty soon.

*I was invited for the purpose of this post, Jamie’s Italian review. All opinions are my own and I wouldn’t recommend them if I wouldn’t think you would love the restaurant too.

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  1. The food looks so lovely! I never knew Parmesan isn’t vegetarian! Learn something new everyday. Oh and I love your ring! So pretty!! x

  2. My mouth is watering just reading about and looking at the pictures of your food. It all sounds amazing, and yay for non-intrusive Staff.

    I’m totally gonna have to try one of these… I’m sure there’s a Jamie’s Italian near me. Off to google to find out!

  3. Those starters look lovely! Me and Matt have been looking for a new Italian to go to! I’ll give Jamie’s a go as soon as I get a chance. The desserts look great too, I’m glad you had such a nice time!

  4. Hi Anca!
    That looks really tasty! I like the look of your ravioli- Crispy sage is really tasty! Glad you had a great time!x

  5. These desserts love delicious and boy would I like to try those meals. They look and sound fab. A great review with some fantastic pictures. We will have to look out for the restaurant as we are not too far away from Liverpool.

  6. oh my I love your ring and I love that cheesecake I’m a fussy eater so would struggle anything but the desserts but I would go just for them

  7. I love Italian food – it is my favourite, but have never been to a Jamies Italian. The food looks and sounds delicious! Kaz x

  8. There is not one dish I don’t like on your review! Every single one is making me hungry. I’ll need to pop into a Jamie’s soon I think! x

  9. Oh this looks so nice! Great veggie options and it’s so cute that he declined the parmasan so you could try it 🙂

    Corinne x

  10. Ooh last time I went to Jamie’s was about 5 years ago and there was not much choice for vegetarians. The pumpkin ravoli sounds amazing and seeing as I am a vegetarian too I would love to try it out!

  11. I recently reviewed Jamie’s Italian in Cardiff and I was pretty impressed too 🙂 by the way, your photos are amazing. What camera are you using?

  12. I’ve also been invited to visit Jamie’s Italian. I was suppose to be going on Thursday but with Tyrone being hospitalised on Tuesday we thought it would be best to postpone it. But after reading your review I am super excited to try it out sometime soon. 🙂

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