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Recipes for Halloween

Every year I’m thinking of new recipes for Halloween, and I start by looking at what I’ve done before. The first three recipes are from my cook blog: CookStyle. I’m going to share a fun recipe from a fellow blogger and a few I saw on Instagram. I also have a Pinterest board filled with ideas, and a folder on my laptop with pics from magazines, including the free ones you can get from a few supermarkets. I should share more recipes, because baking/cooking for Halloween is something I do enjoy a lot. My post is called recipes for Halloween, but is more a mix of ideas.

Recipes for Halloween - Black bread

Of course I had to start with black bread. I loved it, I also made black pizza, and is so easy to make. It’s basic bread recipe with a bit of black food colouring. With the sesame seeds on top looks very pretty. I wonder if I should try with Nigella seeds instead, those are black, like a bit of extra creepiness.

Recipes for Halloween - Graveyard cake

This Graveyard cake was so fun to make. Any sponge, covered with sticky toffee and decorated with spooky things, another very easy idea. If I was to make this cake again, I would bake some biscuits for decoration, so I can handle easier the dough and get more details.

Recipes for Halloween - Spooky eyes

How cute are these spooky eyes? Shop-bought doughnuts, shop-bought chocolate eyes and a bit of strawberry jam. It’s the kind of thing you can make when you don’t have time to bake.

Jammy eyeballs recipe

If you’d rather make some spooky eyes yourself, have a look at these, made by Ruth. You can find the recipe on her blog, craftwithcartwright.co.uk. I really like her idea, so I might bake a batch of these for Halloween. We love biscuits and filled with jam sound really nice.

Spider chocolate cookies

Spider cookies with lots of chocolate. Most people would love these and, in our house, these would be very appreciated too. These were made by Helen with a little help from her daughter. The recipe is at www.cookingwithmykids.co.uk.

 Creepy Cauldron Chocolates

Chocolates and candy melts, that is a combination that I would like to try. I think these chocolates look very nice, quite posh. If you fancy making them, check the recipe made by Olivia and shared on dungarees-and-donuts.

Vegan Spider Web Tray Bake

A fun, vegan tray bake with a bit of dark chocolate on top, that sounds delicious. This yummy looking spider web bake was made by Miss Pond, at misspond.com.

Now, to finish, I’m sharing three ideas of cakes and desserts I’ve made in the last few years.

Recipes for Halloween - Black cake - 2017

This is a black cake from last year. Don’t miss our very funny outfits. By the way, we’ve actually used those when we’ve renovated one of the rooms.

Recipes for Halloween - Brains and foam - 2016

Brains and a purple foam, it doesn’t get more Halloweenish than this. Recipe made back in 2016. The brains are coffee, using the recipe for Coffee Jelly I’ve share on my food blog. That is a must try, it’s really delicious.

Recipes for Halloween - Coffin cake - 2015

Lastly is the coffin from 2015. I didn’t mix all the sugar, to create the extra spookiness.

Do you have any specific recipes for Halloween you want to try?

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  1. I love the look of all of these. So cute! I do love seeing Halloween bakes, even if I’m too lazy to do them myself. Thanks for sharing! ♥


  2. I am not into Halloween but these recipes look fab. Love your coffee brain jelly! Look delicous and it is my favourite flavour too.

  3. The vegan tray looks so good! Baking for Halloween can be so fun, I should definitely do that this year. I am not a baking person but once in a while I like to bake a little something, especially if it’s fun! Thank you for sharing!

    Julia x

  4. These are all so cute! Thanks for all the links… I’ll have to check some of them out more closely.

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