Yesterday was LightNight in Liverpool and we’ve went to, as every year since I moved here. Another constant is the rain, every year it has to rain, at least it didn’t rain for too long. Today the sun is shinnying, isn’t that funny.

01 LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review

I’ll have to start with the last venue we’ve been because it was the most exciting for me. I’m in a real race car, that was raced on Silverstone! That’s incredibly cool. It was too exciting to miss this opportunity only because my boots had 4″ heels.

The single-seat car was displayed at Liverpool Science Park. It goes 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and it was used in a race a couple of years ago. It was built by the students for engineering competitions with other Universities.

02 LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review

Hubby was equally excited when he jumped in the car. The student was explaining how the steering wheel works. It is a proper steering wheel, that should be removed to allow access in the cockpit.

03 LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review

And now, from the beginning.

04 LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review

Here I’m in the Gostins Building, there were open studios. I loved the woodwork one of the artists was doing. It looked amazing, the colours and the shapes.

We went to Liverpool Town Hall next. The balcony was open and we could admire the city.

05 LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review

This is the view from the Town Hall toward the Mersey.

06 LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review

The dance class already started. I thought there will be more than one class, so I would be able to try some moves. It didn’t matter, it was lovely to watch the ladies having fun. They were pretty good at it.

Cunard Building LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review

Next stop was Cunard Building on the Pier Head to see the art displays.

We went on Pier Head to take the Heritage Bus. It was so popular and crowded that we had to wait for the next one.

08 LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review

09 LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review
I think half of the people on the streets of Liverpool had the LightNight booklet with them.

10 LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review

We stopped on Hope street and went to Blackburne House. We saw the girls dancing, the food fair and the house.

11 LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review

We continued towards the University of Liverpool, the Garstang Museum to see the mummy. It was quite late in the evening and as the event started at 4, I didn’t think there will be so many people. It was full. We had to queue for the mummy.

12 LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review

This is his coffin. The man, in his late 20s, was mummified more than 3,000 years ago. It was brought to England by a Liverpudlian archeology professor. In May 1941 the Institute of Archeology was bombed and the mummy was moved. Now it was returned, alongside his belongings.

13 LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review

14 LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review

15 LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review

This is a mummified cat in a child coffin. It didn’t have a lot of details, but I believe it was a scam that went on those days. I heard about it in a documentary about mummies. You went to the priests with your departed to be mummified and instead they would give you back a mummified animal. They already had it prepared and shaped to look like a person. No one would know. Even now they had to x-ray the mummy to see what it’s actually inside.

Our final stop was the Liverpool Science Park, mentioned in the beginning. After getting in the single-seat car we saw the other 2 special exhibits. One was about the science of sport. There were a few tests for blood pressure, a jumping test that hubby tried 3 times, a rowing machine. It was very interesting.


This is the volume difference between fat and muscle. They both have the same weight.

The second exhibit was about face reconstructions techniques. There was a computer where we saw how a cube was shaped into a skull with a special device to be printed on a 3D printer.

16 LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review

A lady explained to us how she is building the model, the role of the picks and how she is adding the muscles and fat and other features. It was very interesting.

17 LightNight Liverpool 2015 Review

This was a model made by people who stopped for the event at the Science Park.

It was a great event, as usual. Sadly there wasn’t the candlelit labyrinth I was used to, but hopefully it will be next year.

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  1. Such a great post! I’ve never been to Liverpool – it looks fab! Loved the Egyptian photos, I’m going to Egypt later this year I find things like that fascinating. Also the picture of the muscle/fat is crazy – remind me to lift some weights tomorrow, ha!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the Lifestyle Link-up today – hope to see you again there next week 🙂


    1. Thank you Lyndsay xx The picture of the muscle and fat is terrifying, isn’t it? 🙂 Thank you for the link-up, I’m going to link next week too x

  2. Tell me more about the Labyrinth- I am intrigued! This looks unbelievably cool! Thank you for bringing me along with you!
    What sort of dance was it?!x

    1. Thank you Kezzie xx The Labyrinth was made with candles, usually in a circle. In the posts I’ve made for the other LightNights, 2014, 2013 you can see them. I think the dance was rock and roll.

  3. This is such an interesting post!! I must admit, I find the stuff about mummies fascinating. It’s intriguing and creepy at the same time. I didn’t know they scammed people with giving them animal mummies instead of the original bodies! What did they do with the human body that they kept, in that case?
    I love reading your posts because I feel like I’m going on these little adventures, too, hehe 🙂 thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Amanda x Is a little creepy, but I like the mummies too 🙂 I’m not sure what they were doing with the bodies, I hope they were buried.

  4. LOVED this post! We planned on checking out some of what LightNight had to offer but what started out as a quick drink the the Philharmonic…well, wasn’t so quick and we missed it all! Devastated! Next year I will be there with my little organ booklet and an action plan to see as much as possible!

    Sarah 🙂

    1. Thank you Sarah xx You need to plan, there are so many things to do that is impossible to see everything you want. Is my 4th LightNight and I still see new things, it’s amazing.

  5. Brilliant Anca, looks like you had a great time. I know someone who was dancing at Lightnight & she’s a very fit 75!

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