Boxing day @ Bodies revealed

On boxing day I had a list of clothes that I wanted to buy, hubby was dreaming of a big discount on cameras… we both got nothing. The discount was around £40-50 for a £1000+ camera… that’s not a sale! So, it was pointless to buy it yesterday.

I had the same luck… there were just a few items size 8 and I didn’t like them… skinny jeans or jeans with a lot of details. The nice winter dresses were size 10 🙁

In the end I saw a lovely shirt with a big belt and when I tried it I was looking like I was 6 months pregnant. I had some laughs with hubby and left the store.

We thought the Bodies revealed exhibition was until 23rd January, we were wrong, it is until 2nd January. So we went to see it yesterday, to be sure we’ll not miss it. It was amazing!!!

The exhibition consists of real human bodies, prepared through polymer preservation that allows the specimen to last for decades. It started with the skeleton and after that we saw the muscles and the systems: circulatory, digestive, reproductive and so on.

The only part of the exhibition that was a little disturbing was with fetuses, from 14 weeks to 7 months. It was incredible to see how a real fetus looks at different stages of development. The 14 weeks fetus was the most incredible for me, it looked like a real kid. I already knew this, but seeing it made a huge difference.

The damaged liver from alcohol, drug consumption and a bad diet was amazing. I saw many pictures, but to see a real one it’s so socking. The longs damaged by smoking were shocking too. The difference between a normal liver and a bad one is huge, as the same with lungs.

I’m very happy we saw the exhibition, it was great!