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Christmas traditions

As you might know, this month I wrote a series, starting with Vegetarian Christmas, a delicious selection of 10 recipes from different bloggers. The second post was The Best Christmas Gift, where I shared the story of my best gift, my dog Festus and a few wonderful stories shared by fellow bloggers. My series will finish with Christmas traditions.

Christmas traditions

As a kid there were lots of traditions in my home. My mother used to set up the tree on Christmas eve, there were lots and lots of cookies that my grandpa loved. She was making lots of traditional recipes and I have found memories of that.

After I moved in with my boyfriend (now hubby), we’ve started making our own traditions. We both decided that setting up the tree at least a couple of weeks before Christmas was important for us. We also started by having the same dishes because it was traditional and we wanted that. Timed passed, I became vegetarian, he wasn’t that keen on some of the dishes and then we moved to UK. I arrived here a month before Christmas and I saw so many interesting dishes that I wanted to try. It was too exciting to make the old traditional foods I had as a kid.

This is something I always did while travelling abroad, I went into a supermarket and picked up lots of different foods that were specific to that area. So, on my first Christmas in UK, I had mince pies along with the traditional Romanian cozonac. That first year I got a small real tree with roots that I imagined I would plant somewhere after the holidays. Well, that tree died soon after Christmas and I’m not buying a living tree ever again.

The traditions that I still have from childhood are listening (and singing badly) Christmas carols when we set up the tree. I was around 8-9 when this tradition was started by my mother. I knew Santa wasn’t real and we could set up the tree together. The second tradition I love is to bake cookies, not necessarily for Christmas, but in this period, at the setting up the tree or on a cozy night in. I also love drinking mulled wine and visiting Christmas fairs.

Do you have any specific traditions? I would love to hear them.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post. 🙂

    I love reading about other people’s traditions. I imagine your first Christmas in the UK must have been quite an interesting one.

    We also listen to Christmas songs while decorating our tree. Mulled wine is one of my favourite winter drinks. I also really like Winter Pimms which is served hot with apple juice. Sadly it’s really hard to find in normal supermarkets.

  2. I love your traditions you shared. 🙂

    This is m first Christmas with my husband, so I think we’re just starting to establish ours. We are going to get a new ornament every year for our tree and we will put it up around the beginning of December. My mom tends to make the same traditional Christmas food every year, so I always look forward to that! I’m posting a post soon about a tradition me and my brother have of pranking each other. 😛

  3. Oh Anca, I am so sorry, I have been so busy this week that I completely forgot about this one- sorry I didn’t manage to email you! Your traditions sound great! I love singing round the tree as a tradition, that sounds wonderful!x

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