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Heritage Open Day in Chester

Last weekend we’ve been to Chester for the Heritage Open Days. I like this annually event a lot, as I can see more things in one day and there are special guided tours and special days on locations that are not usually open to the public or advertised as tourist attractions.

01 Heritage Open Days in Chester

Bishop Lloyd’s House on Chester rows. It was an open day and there also was a guided tour. We took advantage to learn more about these beautiful Tudor buildings. They were built on medieval undercrofts. In the 17th century two houses were converted into one and this is how the palace was born.

02 Heritage Open Days in Chester

03 Heritage Open Days in Chester

Next stop was another Tudor building, Old Leche House. Now is a sofa shop, but we were able to see the house and take some pictures, as part of Heritage Open Days.

We went to Cheshire Military Museum too. It was bigger than expected and very interesting. There were lots interesting facts like the King’s Shilling. A man was enlisted if he accepted the pay for first day, so a shilling coin was put in ale, after drinking it they saw the money and as they accepted the pay they were enlisted.

04 Heritage Open Days in Chester

05 Heritage Open Days in Chester

06 Heritage Open Days in Chester

After the Military Museum, we went to see the Roman Hypocaust. Now the place is a coffee shop called Spud-U-Like.

07 Heritage Open Days in Chester

In the basement is the Hypocaust, discovered in 1725 is a form of central heating. The pillars in the next picture were used to support the floor and hot air was circulating and heating the building. The same furnace was used to heat the water for the baths.

08 Heritage Open Days in Chester

09 Heritage Open Days in Chester

We walked on the roman walls towards Telford’s warehouse, near the canal.

10 Heritage Open Days in Chester

Now a restaurant, the warehouse was built in late 1790s.

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  1. Chester is just up the road for me so I love going – still not seen many of these places though! Must go to the Military Museum. We went to one recently at Caernarfon Castle and it was a gem of a little museum, very interesting with all the soldiers uniforms.

  2. You always go to the best places like this! I need to have a look what’s around near me so I can visit some places too 🙂

    Corinne x

  3. Chester has so much heritage, and it’s quite interesting to discover all that history behind the shops and restaurants that we see.

    P.S. I’ll message you about going out for a coffee sometime very soon. 😀

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