John Lewis – Home Design Service

Last evening I was invited to a blogger event at John Lewis to learn about their new Home Design Service. As a home owner, I know how important is to make the best decisions when it comes to furniture. For example, we’ve recently changed our big dinning table with a smaller one. It looks so much better. But, that was an obviously costly mistake, replacing it with a new one after only two years. I should make a room tour, it’s been a while since I’ve shared the latest house update and some things changed.

John Lewis - Trafford Manchester

The Home Design Service offered in John Lewis Trafford is new and, for me, very exciting. My husband and I prefer bespoke furniture and most of ours is indeed bespoke (some of it we’ve made it ourselves, saved a bit of money and it feel even more personal). This is what they are offering, the possibility to make your own furniture and accessories.

John Lewis - Home Design Service

The Home Design Service has two options. The first one is called Style advice and is free. It’s a 90 minutes consultation in store. This picture is from the consultation room at Trafford Center. At the end of the discussion you can get a list of items you talked about or samples, if you want to think a bit more.

The second option is called Design consultation and costs £250, but is redeemable when you spend £1500 in shop. The Design consultation involves a consultant coming to your house and talking about your plans for two hours. Then, is followed by a 60-minute meeting in store, a couple of weeks later. At the end, you are presented with a digital mood board, a list of items that suit your style and budget.

John Lewis - Home Design Service. Fabrics

They have lots and lots of fabrics, some made here in UK. The possibilities are, practically, endless with the amount of choices.

John Lewis - Home Design Service. Cushions

Aren’t they amazing? I love cushions, I think they are an easy way to add a bit of colour. I don’t have any though, as it not suitable with our lifestyle. I’m spending a lot of time on the sofa during the day, as it is the comfiest option when I’m at my laptop working.

After chatting about the design services, we had a tour of the furniture department. I have to admit, I had no idea it was so big. I’ve been to John Lewis in Trafford, but not to the furniture department.

John Lewis furniture

The “rooms” have their own style and matching accessories. It’s quite nice to see them like that.

John Lewis sofa counter

The sofa counter is fab. You can pick your own fabrics and designs. There are so many choices.

John Lewis accessories

Now, the behind the scenes tour.


I was so excited to go behind the scenes. One of the first jobs I had was in stock control at a very big company. We were around 20 in our department. I have lots of found memories from that time. Of course, I worked in an office and rarely went up to the warehouse. But seeing the stock room brought back lovely memories.

Warehouse crokery

As a food blogger, I know I want something like this at home. If you are listening to my husband… he says I already have a lot of crockery. Also, it’s Emma Bridgewater; looks fab in recipe pictures.

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  1. What a great service! I would love to have someone design a nice home for us. But unfortunately with young kids there’s not much point even thinking about nice things!

    And how fascinating to get a behind the scenes look.

  2. I love the idea of this service, I know I am one of those people that needs to be reigned in when it comes to home design/decor! And I agree, EB plates, bowls, mugs, they are the prettiest! You can never have too many!

  3. I had no idea John Lewis offered this service. Definitely something to keep in mind for the future.

  4. I would love this. I am at a loss how to style my front room and would love some professional advice. Wonder if they do it locally

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