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Vulcanii Noroiosi, Romania

The first post in my Travel Memories Series is about Vulcanii Noroiosi, from Romania. Vulcanii Noroiosi or Mud Volcanoes are a fascinating natural phenomenon. The natural gases are erupting from depths of 3,000 m, through layers of mud and water, creating these bubbling volcanoes. It’s not something that can be seen in many places in the world.

In Romania, the mud volcanoes are in Berca, Buzau County, in the eastern part of the country. Due to the mud lava, grass is not able to grow. Mud dries and, even if it gets washed away, new eruptions will occur, bringing with them more mud.

Vulcanii Noroiosi, Buzau, Romania

The landscape at the Vulcanii Noroiosi is stunning too. The lunar look is due to the mud that spurs from the earth. This is why this is also a location that is sometimes used for filming.

Vulcanii Noroiosi bubbling

The bubbling is so interesting and a bit strange. It does look like you are in a movie set or on another planet.

Vulcanii Noroiosi bubbling, view from the top. Buzau, Romania

How amazing is that?

Vulcanii Noroiosi landscape

Vulcanii Noroiosi in Buzau, Romania

The recesses are made by rainwater draining, creating this alien looking landscape. Visiting the place takes about one hour, with plenty of opportunities for amazing pictures.

Vulcanii Noroiosi at Buzau in Romania

This was the biggest volcano, only a couple of meters or so across. Some volcanoes can grow bigger, but with rain the mud is washed away.

 A boy fell in Vulcanii Noroiosi

I did mention is slippery. Poor boy, he took a dive on the mud, that is surely something he will remember for a long time.

Vulcanii Noroiosi

Details about Vulcanii Noroiosi

If you want to visit the Berca Mud Volcanoes or the Vulcanii Noroiosi, you’d have to go to Buzau, in Romania. The entry fee is around £1 and the parking is free. While it’s not very close to Bucharest, I think it should be a must for someone who wants to visit Romania. There are many more things to visit around Buzau. Access is permitted only on dry days because the mud gets slippery on rainy days.

Focul Viu

One of the things you can see nearby is Focul Viu or Live Fire. Natural gases, as at the volcanoes, are getting out, but in a form of a fire. Another quite intriguing thing to see: fire coming out of the earth. It’s fascinating.
The fire burns almost permanently. The flames can reach 30 to 40 cm in height.

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  1. Wow, this looks like an incredible thing to see – I hope I get to visit one day!
    Though I know if I took my kids they’d end up just as covered in mud as that poor lad!

  2. I’ve never seen mud volcanoes before! That is fascinating, and must be so interesting to see with your own eyes. Thanks for explaining as well! That poor boy, it’s true that at least he’ll remember this day forever haha. If I went to Bucharest I’d totally stop by to see the volcanoes too!

    Julia x

  3. this place looks so fascinating – reminds me of Yellowstone National Park in the USA. I would love this kind of thing 🙂

  4. What a weird landscape. I can see why films are shot there. I imagine you have to be very careful when exploring given the height those flames can reach!

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