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Blaise Castle House Museum

Blaise Castle House Museum is a museum housed in a 18th century mansion, set in 400 acres of parkland. There are a few very different collections at the museum, so it’s worth a visit.

Blaise Castle House Museum

It is a lovely museum in a gorgeous location. The park is beautiful, there is a woodland walk, a castle we didn’t reach this time, and play area for children. There is also a cafe on the grounds.

 Classroom at Blaise Castle House Museum

The Victorian School Room is really nice.

Horse toy at Blaise Castle House Museum

Rocking Horse is another thing I loved at Blaise Castle House Museum. It dates from around 1880, it was recently restored. The rocking horse is life-like, with its mane and tail of real hair.

Glasses at Blaise Castle House Museum

Bristol at Home galleries have some fascinating items on display. It depicts some of the cooking, lighting, washing, and other household equipment used in Bristol homes over the last 300 years. For example, these spectacles must be very handy, as they can be folded.

Dog collar at Blaise Castle House Museum

I wouldn’t have imagined this dog collar is from the 18th century, as it has such a modern feel to it.

Shoes at Blaise Castle House Museum

These shoes are just gorgeous, love the heels. The purple boots are from 1880, but I think I would get lots of comments if I was to wear something like this today.

Dress at Blaise Castle House Museum

This dress from 1840s is made with wool and silk. It is an early Victorian dress with a waistline at the natural level and a fuller dress.

Dresses at Blaise Castle House Museum

Bronze silk dress from 1825. It is a day dress.

Me, in the woods at Blaise Castle House Museum

I know my boots are not the best suited for a walk in the woods, but it was not that bad. I like this picture of me a lot, this is why I’m sharing it.

Dog at Blaise Castle House Museum

How cute is this dog? He was waiting patiently for his humans to come back and have a play together.

Blaise Castle House Museum can be found in Henbury Rd, Bristol BS10 7QS. Check their website for details.

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  1. What a cute dog! And yes… that is a lovely photo of you.

    I just cleaned out a pair of shoes that had a heel shaped like the one on the purple boots. It’s a comfortable heel for walking.

    The rocking horse might be my favorite thing from this collection of photos, too.

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