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Buckt May

Buckt is a subscription box that includes 5 different activities each month and this month I’m reviewing it again*. Have a look at my post with details about the subscription, including pictures of the box. Today I’m reviewing the Buckt May box, for Greater Manchester. They offer a similar box for Greater Birmingham. Also, you can get a box for one or for two, a DUO box.

Buckt May

When I got the subscription I looked at the activities with my husband. Buckt May includes: a VR experience at Virtual Hideout, an adventure map by Treasure trails, a cinema ticket at VUE Cinema at Printworks, a backstage tour at Royal Exchange Theatre, and roller disco session at Rollers club. Funnily, my husband was very happy with the cinema ticket because he loves watching movies. The thing is that we have a pretty amazing home cinema system. It was nice though, as we are not going to cinema due to that, so it was something relatively different to do.

From Buckt May we’ve done three activities so far and I’m blogging about them now: VR, map, and cinema. The fourth one is tour at Royal Exchange Theatre, that is available in June. I’ve already booked for that. The last one is the roller disco, we didn’t book as it was not something we were interested in.

VR - Virtual Hideout - Buckt - Greater Manchester

I’ve tried VR before, last year, see my review of Virtual Reality Escapes, in Chester. It was different, but we were accustomed how the controllers work and with some of the games as well. Where we’ve been before, each of us had our own VR set. In Manchester, as Virtual Hideout, my husband and I shared a VR set. That makes the experience different, because we’ve interacted a bit and it was fun. We also played the same game.

So, we’ve started with different games, including me playing Fruit Ninja. My husband made a clip of me… I look like a crazy cat flapping my “paws” in the air. It’s hilarious (not sharing it online though).

After that, we’ve played a few games, including one of our favourite: Arizona Sunshine, a take on Walking Dead. I’ve started the game and I’ve passed the first stage. After that my husband took over and realized that I’ve shot with my left hand. The lady that was managing the experience was impressed, even more after she asked if I’m left handed and I said that I’m not. I had no idea that I’m ambidextrous when it comes to shooting. He continued, then I took over again. It was so much fun.

In the end, my husband took the plank challenge. I’m too afraid of heights to try something like this. He loved it though, as I knew he will.

Vue Cinema - Buckt - Greater Manchester

I mentioned that we have home cinema. So, because we’ve had tickets to the cinema, we’ve had a date. Lunch & a movie because it didn’t work for us as dinner & a movie. We’ve had lunch at one of the restaurants at Printworks. It was lovely and I’m glad we had cinema tickets.

Treasure Trail

I’ve had two Treasure Trails before and I liked both of them, one in a small village and another one in Manchester. So, when I saw we have a Treasure Trail in the Buckt May box, I’ve decided to try a trail in a place I know very well: Liverpool city centre. I picked the trail at St. George’s Hall. I’ve been in that area many times, as I’ve visited St. George, the two nearby museums, and the central library.
The trail can be made in one hour and a half, but we finished in 47 minutes because we had previous experience with the trails, how to search for clues and so on. It was still very fun to do. Despite being in a place my husband and I know so well, we paid more attention to statues and buildings in search for clues and that was lovely.

If you wonder about monetary value of the tickets, it is like this: VR is £28 for two people, the map is £6.99. The VUE cinema tickets are £11.5 and the roller disco is £10, for two.
The Backstage Tour doesn’t have a price, but a Bring-A-Friend Pass (BAF) is £5 per person. The BAF passes are less than the value of the ticket price though.
Thus, this month is £66.49. With only £25 for a DUO box, it’s pretty amazing value for money.

*Collaboration. All opinions are my own. I don’t receive any money if you sign up, but I think you should because the box is worth it.

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  1. I’ve found the Treasure Trails concept quite interesting ever since I learned about it from another blogger. (she and her husband have created/written some for the Somerset area, I believe) I don’t know that we have anything like that over here – or at least not in my area. They sound fun.

    Interesting about the left/right shooting. My husband shoots a shotgun right handed (as well as a handgun), but he shoots a rifle left handed. In his case, I think it has more to do with eye dominance. (people often shoot a rifle closing one eye, but leave both open with a shotgun)

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