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My garden in May

These pictures were taken a few days ago. The garden is looking more bright with flowers starting to bloom. I’ve added a few more alliums in the garden and they are starting to bloom too, so beautiful to see. Enjoy the pictures!

My garden



The pigeon waits for the feed station to be refilled. He/she gets scared and moves away when I refill it, but usually waits there for us to see that the feeder is empty. Pigeons also wait on the post fence, which is ever funnier to see.





bee on flower


raspberry bush

The raspberry bush is looking fab this year.


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  1. Our pigeons are enormous! They spend all day chowing down the seeds! They can barely get airborne!
    Your garden is looking resplendent! What variety of Raspberries do you have? Do you have to cut them down in the Autumn? The Clematis looks so pretty!

    1. I have no idea what variety the raspberries are. I bought the plant many years ago, about 9-10 years ago and at one point it seemed dead, but I replanted it and now it’s so big and produces a lot of fruits too.

  2. That’s just the size garden I would love. At the moment ours wraps around three sides of the property and is just far too big to manage (or should I say, far too big for what I want to manage!!). I have fallen in love with alliums and we are looking for a suitable spot to plant some for next year. 🙂

    1. I would have liked a bigger garden when I am not doing anything, but when I start gardening I love the size of ours. The driveway is paved, with only a few bushes in huge planters, so no many things to do.

  3. Love the flower varieties you have in your garden! It must be so enjoyable to wake up, open the door and head into a tidy garden in bloom on a sunny morning 🙂

    Julia x

    1. The pigeons are so funny. They are comfortable with us in the garden. Sometimes they stay on the fence and look inside at us on the sofa. It’s hilarious. The lawn is great, I’m so happy with it.

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