My garden in July

My garden in July

A quick update on my garden. I’ve added a few more plants to replace the ones that did not make it through the winter. I also have veggies growing in the garden, which was not what I wanted. I bought 3 “small” tomato plants for the conservatory, to raise in pots and now they are […]

raised bed

My garden in June

Gardens always look at their best in Summer and I am delighted with how mine looks now. For my garden in June update I have an interesting news: I bought ladybirds for the garden. I will share my thoughts about them, but it’s a mixed picture. Everything is looking great. I need to replace a […]


My garden in May

These pictures were taken a few days ago. The garden is looking more bright with flowers starting to bloom. I’ve added a few more alliums in the garden and they are starting to bloom too, so beautiful to see. Enjoy the pictures! The pigeon waits for the feed station to be refilled. He/she gets scared […]

Cherry tree

My garden in April

Almost all of last month I was away, a couple of days in Durham and the rest in London, so I didn’t manage to get pictures of the garden. The flowers are growing amazingly with very little input from me. I just love that. The fence is newly painted too, so bright and beautiful. Enjoy […]

Bee on Chrysanthemums

My garden in October

My garden still has a lot of colours, with plenty of flowers still in bloom, some for the second time. I bought some bulbs, but I did not have time to plant them, this will be a task for next week, when I’m at home for the whole week. The fig is slowly losing its […]

my garden

My garden in September

Still lots of flowers in bloom, still a lot of bees going around, and a few fruits to harvest as well. Enjoy the pictures. I got this Dahlia recently and has lots and lots of flowers. I hope it will survive the winter because it’s beautiful. The figs are looking great. I will harvest a […]

My garden in August

My garden in August

In August last year the garden was finished, after doing a lot of jobs, from changing concrete fence posts to wall it around with white panels for privacy. I never imagined that we were going to enjoy the garden so much. Now I am writing this post sitting on a bench in the garden while […]

Lupin Flowers

My garden in July

My garden in July looks great. I am so happy to see all the plants and flowers in bloom. We are spending lots of time in the garden, as we’ve been doing for the past year. This weekend it will be very hot, so we’ll stay in the garden with Festus, giving him quick showers […]


My garden in June

My garden in June looks so much different than it did only two weeks and a half ago. I bought a few more flowers and a tree, as I wanted to take part in the Tree-bilee as Prince Charles named the campaign launched to mark Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. I am so happy with how the […]