Garden Update

Garden Update

I didn’t imagine that in late October I’m going to make a garden update. A few months ago I shared pictures with my newly refurbished garden. Now many of the flowers are still in bloom, while the passiflora got much bigger. We still have lots of bees flying into our garden. I just love it. […]

My new garden

I’m finally sharing pictures from my new garden. I’ve been using the garden, since it’s done, every single day. If is not raining or is not too hot, I would spend time in the garden reading for University. I even listen to lectures, with the headphones on, of course, as I imagine none of my […]

Upcycled plant pots

Upcycled plant pots

This DIY project, for upcycled plant pots, was more a happy coincidence than something planned. I had these old plant pots for many years, here is a picture of them from four years ago, when they were still looking good. We replaced one of the garden fences and I painted some of the new fences […]

Passiflora, from a side

Passiflora update

I’ve made a Passiflora update last year, showing its development in the last years. It is grown from seed, a gift from my mother, sent by post from Romania. Comparing to this time last year (the pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago), it is amazingly huge. This is how big it is this year. […]

Enjoying the wildlife in our garden

Enjoying the wildlife in our garden

I’ve always wanted a garden and now that I have I do my best to enjoy it as much as I can. That mostly means enjoying the wildlife in our garden, besides playing with the dog, having some meals in, and, of course, doing a bit of gardening. In the last years, we’ve got only […]

passiflora in bloom

My Passiflora

Today I’m going to talk about my Passiflora. My mother send a pack of passiflora seeds a bit over five years ago. My husband and I planted the seeds and, from all, one picked up and grew and grew. After an year or so, we’ve moved to our new home and we took the passiflora […]

grofresh KITCHEN GARDEN. Plants growing


I was delighted to be asked to review the grofresh KITCHEN GARDEN by wizal (*. I like growing herbs and veggies. When it comes to growing though, I find that the perennials are not as demanding, so I prefer to grow those, like a few types of mint, thyme, rosemary, strawberry, and a raspberry bush. […]

How to save a tired bee

My husband found a tired and dying bee in the garden and we saved it, so I decided to make a short guide: How to save a tired bee. We acted fast and we gave her some honey. After reading on RSPB’s website, that, although obvious is not the best option as most honey is […]

Garden update

A few days ago I discovered a beautiful butterfly on the dog’s bedding, my husband caught it and released it in the garden. Luckily for the butterfly, the dog was upstairs or he would have probably eaten it. There are some pictures with the butterfly at the end of this post. All the excitement of […]

My garden

I talked about the garden many times because it’s very important for me. I lived in a flat for most of my life, in a busy city centre. Only a few years ago, after moving to UK, I had the opportunity to live in a house and I loved it. Our last house had a […]