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Terre à Terre

Terre à Terre is a vegetarian restaurant in Brighton. It looks lovely and I wanted to try their food, so my husband and I went there for lunch. At the end of the post you will find a bit more details about the place and their website too.

The staff seemed eager to please, but it felt a bit too much. Not that it would put me off visiting them again though. My only mistake is that I didn’t take pictures of the menu and now I can’t remember how the dishes were called, and they changed the lunch menu. At the same time, the fact that they change the menu is a plus, as it means you can go there again and again and experience something new.
The lunch menu is not as filling as I hoped it would be. We do have quite a light lunch usually, so it wasn’t an issue for us, but for someone who has only some cereals in the morning, the lunch menu might not be enough.

Terre à Terre - Houmous

This was the houmous dish with a fried cracker and sweet purple carrot puree. I loved it, it was a really good dish, well thought. I would order this again. This was the vegan option.

Terre à Terre - Tomato dish

In this dish there were three types of tomatoes – heritage, red, and yellow. The sorbet was tomato too. It was very good.

Now, let’s talk about dessert.

Terre à Terre - Churros

Churros with a delicious chocolate sauce and a couple of fruits. The churros were not as crispy as I’m used to, but, at the same time, it was easier to eat with a fork. I wouldn’t order this again mainly because I loved the other dessert.

Terre à Terre - dessert

The dessert had a wonderful sorbet, fresh fruits, a delicious nut cream, on top of crispy cereals, and a delicious sponge. It had a lot of flavour and it was a delight to eat. I would have that again.

The decor is beautiful and the restaurant is large. It wasn’t very busy when we went there, but that’s not surprising, as it was weekday and off-season.

Terre à Terre. Outside

Terre à Terre is on 71 East Street, Brighton, BN1 1HQ. This is their website. There isn’t a car park nearby, as they are in the city centre, quite close to Brighton Pavilion. There are a few car parks nearby, including a multi-storey car park. In November, when we went to, the price for the lunch menu was £15 per person and the drinks were about £3 more. The lunch menu is served every day (or weekday, depending on the time of the year).

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  1. I love the presentation of the dishes! And the set menu is a good price too. I agree though it seems like a rather light lunch, with very light ingredients (hummus, tomatoes… maybe only the churros are a bit more filling.) It seemed worth the try though! 🙂

    Julia x

  2. Their menu looks incredible and the photos you’ve shared have my mouth watering! If only I had something like that near me.

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