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Knowsley Safari Park – September

My husband and I bought a membership at Knowsley Safari Park, and so I thought it would be nice to share pictures from there every month, to see how the weather changes and how the animals change with it. After this short introductory post, the others will more likely be “pictures only” kind of posts.

Sea Lion

Knowsley Safari Park is a lovely place, just outside Liverpool. They have lots of animals which live in wonderful conditions. There are birds of prey displays, sea lions shows, and talks about different types of animals. None of the animals are forced to do anything. When we went there last time, one of the sea lions wasn’t interested in performing and he was given the day off. One of the birds of prey was flying in the opposite direction and everybody had a laugh, including the handler. All these animals are well cared for and loved. Also, with the loss of habitat they are facing, places like this are vital for conservation.

Sea Lion swimming at Knowsley Safari Park

As there are so many, I will not share pictures from every part of the park in each post. Even so, I imagine I will share 30 pictures each time. The animals are too cute not to show so many pictures.

 Sea lion show

Bat forest

Meerkat at Knowsley Safari Park

 Giraffes watching the keepers

Bush dogs at Knowsley Safari Park

Teeth on display

Tiger relaxing

Bird of prey display

 Steve, a bird of prey from Knowsley


 Vulture on a bench

Vulture eating

Owl in flight

Animal relaxing at Knowsley, in the safari park

Deer in the safari park

Rhinos eating

close to a rhino, in the safari park


Monkeys at Knowsley Safari Park

 Monkey damaging a car

Monkey sitting on the mirror of our car

Baby monkey

Animals at Knowsley


Lion relaxing

Lion walking at Knowsley safari park

 Lion sleeping

 Camels relaxing

Knowsley Safari Park is in Prescot, L34 4AN. You can visit it once or, like us, get a membership from three types available.

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  1. You got fabulous images, Anca. It looks as though this is a really well maintained and good park for the animals. I love that it looks like they have places to roam and not so much cages.

  2. What makes you and your husband bought the membership? Do you stay nearby?
    It looks like a lovely zoo.

    1. We live nearby and we can get there once a month without a doubt. It will worth it, that’s for sure.

  3. Aww, that monkey picking its teeth, so cute! I’m in two minds about the Zoos, but this looks like a spacious safari park. Amazing that you can be so near the lions.
    Fab photos of the owls in flight, and the seal with the air bubbles in the water.

    1. I agree, it’s amazing to be able to be so close to the lions. Next time I’m going to take some pictures of the whole space, to show how large it is.

  4. I’ve always loved zoos, but the older I’ve gotten, the more conflicted my feelings have become. This sounds like a wonderful place, dedicated to conservation and keeping the animals’ interests at heart.

    You’ve captured some fantastic photos here, especially of the owls! I look forward to more posts from your visits.

    1. I know what you mean, it has been the same for me. I do love the zoos, but only if the welfare of the animals is a priority and, in most well known zoos and safari parks in UK is exactly like this. I had to take my camera to take pictures, as the animals weren’t always close and I needed a good zoom. All of them have places to hide, if they want to. At the wolf enclosure I couldn’t see one properly as they were far from us, hidden by bushes and trees. I love that. I would rather see lots and lots of bushes instead of unhappy animals.

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