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Goals for 2015

Happy new year! The New year’s eve is over, we had some good food, some fireworks and some drinks, obviously. Now that we are officially in 2015, I can think of what this year will bring. It’s easier to start with a list of goals. So, here is my short list:


1. Keep the Good Things Jar. I want to fill a jar with notes of small good things that happened, things that I’ll forget in a few months and I’ll put them in the jar. At the end of the year, I’m going to read them. It’s not my first jar, but I hope will be better than last one. I usually forget to add the notes.

2. Good things. I want to start a weekly post on my blog, entitled: Good things this week. I read a few similar posts on other blogs and it sounds great to be able to remember small good things after a long period, especially when it’s very likely that I would forget them. It will be like an online version of Good Things Jar. I don’t want to feel like I’ve set a target, 5 or 10, because I would feel I have to reach that number. This will help me remember the good stuff even if I forget to put notes in the good things jar.

3. Run in a race. Probably a 10k, don’t think I can go higher than 10k. Signing up for a race will push me to do something that I don’t like: running. While I love exercising and lifting weights is what I enjoy most, when it comes to cardio, I can’t avoid it enough. I hope that signing up for a run will trigger my very competitive side and will give me the motivation I need to start running as a training.
Last year I went for a run only once (this is how much I love running). I could run 4.2km in 31 minutes, so it’s not that bad.

4. Try a new sport. I just hope I have time. Kayaking is on the top of the list, last year we’ve bought a kayak and life jackets for us and for the dog. I also would like to try horseback riding, fencing and archery… well if I can do all of them, I can say I’m on the path to become a Knight.

5. Write more. I don’t write as often as I would like, so I want to write more. Not every day, but more than last year.

In the past I was setting a lot of difficult goals, as I like the challenge. But sometimes it’s not up to me if I can do something or not. Life is complicated and so many things can happen to “get in the way”. So, this year I’m setting less goals and quite easily achievable.

Are you setting goals for 2015? Leave me a link to your goal posts in the comments, I would love to read them.

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    1. Thank you Emma, I had a great time during the holidays. I like your goals for this year, good luck with them.

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