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8 Good things

As on Sunday we’ve been to London, I had to postpone the blog for a day. This is my good things list for last week:


1. New boots. I found some lovely new boots at Asos. As I don’t wear real leather, finding boots that I really like and happen to fit can be a challenge sometimes. They will be featured in my next photo shoot, in a few days. I planned to have a photo shoot in London, but didn’t have the time. A sneak peak in the picture.

2. London day trip. We’ve been to London together only once, in a hurry. We played with the dog in Hyde Park and pretty much that was it. Yesterday we had a very productive day in London, as we went with work. Unfortunately we didn’t have time for a coffee with friends or to visit/see anything. Getting excited with lots of new ideas and plans made up for the lack of time to have fun&socialize. I admit I love my work.

3. Coffee date with hubby. We needed a long chat to make plans for the future and we always find it easier to talk over a coffee somewhere. At home we are always interrupted by a phone or postman or the dog is doing something nice/bad.

4. Festus’s dreams. Our dog dreams a lot and it’s quite obvious he is dreaming about things that happened during the day. A few days ago, after we’ve watched a documentary about lions… his dream was so active, he was growling and barking and running for a couple of minutes. Plenty of time to watch him move and be amused. As usual, we didn’t have the phone close enough to be able to film him.

5. Pull up bar. I love it, every day last week I did 1-2 pull ups (with assistance) a few times a day, basically I was monkeying around. We use to have a pull up bar at our flat in Romania. But, moving in the UK 3 years ago meant we weren’t able to have a pull up bar. We’ve bought one that, in theory, could be used at door frame, but the frames were too big, so we didn’t use it. Now, we have a pull up bar installed under the stairs.

6. Open Eye Gallery. We’ve been to Open Eye Gallery to a special exhibition and it was great. There are so many things to do here in Liverpool. Even thou I lived in Wirral for the last couple of years and that’s only a 15 minutes drive from Liverpool city center, I postponed going to a lot of events because we didn’t have enough time  or I wasn’t in the mood. Now, I’ll resume looking for events in Liverpool.

7. Pigeons. Feeding birds in the garden is not as easy as one might think. I bought a special bird feeder and I’ve put some seeds on the ground and on the fence, to “advertise” the food. It was not enough, we had only a few magpies. I bough another bird feeder, bigger, for suet balls… no luck again. In the end, I just have to go outside and throw seeds on the ground. At least they are coming to those seeds and we can still enjoy having birds in our garden. I have to do some research for the spring.

8. Yummy celeriac. This week I’ve baked some celeriac and it was amazing. I’ll have to take pictures next time and post the recipe.