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Mow Cop Castle

It is called Mow Cop Castle, but it was built as a summerhouse in 1754. We’ve seen it as a part of our road trip to the White Peak. This time of the year it looks stunning with the purple flowers and the views are beautiful.

01 Mow Cop Castle

02 National Trust castle

03 Mow Cop, a National Trust Castle

04 Castle in Peak District

05 Mow Cop Castle

06 Mow Cop Castle

07 Castle in Peak District

08 Mow Cop, a Castle in Peak District

09 Mow Cop

10 National Trust Castle

The castle is part of National Trust, but there aren’t any visitor centres there. The car park is pretty small too and it’s limited to 2 hours.

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  1. I haven’t been to Mow Cop, I really should! I’d like to have a nosy at the church nearby too. Looks beautiful surrounded by the Staffordshire heathland.

  2. I can just about see Mow Cop from my house on a clear day but I’ve never been! It looks lovely…I really must go!

    Emma xxx

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