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Color run

My husband and I went to the Color run in Manchester yesterday, after winning tickets in a giveaway hosted by the lovely misspond. I had some knee issues during the race from an old injury, but, even so, I managed to finish the race. I’ve been to a similar run last year and that was slightly different, I enjoyed it a lot. But this time my husband ran with me and it was so much better. He is not a keen runner (neither am I), so we were more focused on having fun.

It was a gloom day in the morning, but we left home hoping the weather will be nice. I posted a picture on Instagram in the car on our way to Manchester. I planned to take another picture with the phone after the race, but it started to rain after we left the stadium and it rained until we got to our car. This involved more running, but not a good opportunity to take a picture. Obviously, as soon as we left, the sky cleared.

01 Color run Manchester 2016
We were ready to start the race.

02 Color run Manchester 2016
We were in the middle of the crowd. The weather was perfect for running, not too hot and only a few drops of rain once in a while.

03 Color run Manchester 2016
These was the queue after us, it was huge.

We’ve started the race and I told myself (and my husband) that we shouldn’t start overtaking people as this means we’ll run out of energy after a couple of km.

04 Color run Manchester 2016
We reached the first check point, 1 km done, 4 more to go.

05 Color run Manchester 2016
The 2nd check point.

06 Color run Manchester 2016

07 Color run Manchester 2016
This was a nice surprise. I had no idea there will be bubbles. It was fun and it gave people time to catch their breath.

08 Color run Manchester 2016
3rd check point meant we’ve run for 3 km. I had a small serving of orange dye, it’s food graded, so safe to eat.

09 Color run Manchester 2016
We were reaching the 4th check point.

10 Color run Manchester 2016

11 Color run Manchester 2016

12 Color run Manchester 2016
People were queuing again, this time for the last check point, with all the colours.

13 Color run Manchester 2016

14 Color run Manchester 2016
We’ve made it.

15 Color run Manchester 2016
At the finish we’ve received a small bottle of water and a packet of dye each.

16 Color run Manchester 2016
After the race everybody was enjoying themselves.

Have you been to a Color run before?

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  1. I was supposed to do the colour run this year but had exams to study for at the time. It’s so much fun! 😀 and definitely a worth while experience.

  2. These looks like so much funny! Hope the knee problem won’t be around for wrong.

    Corinne x

  3. Glad you and your husband had a great time at the Color Run. I only do walks, because my ankles and legs are so messed up from fracturing them a lot. I don’t even know now I’ll do P.E when it comes along in my college education. Anyhow <3 Glad you had fun!

  4. My son and I did the Colour Run a couple of years ago and loved it – he wasn’t quite 5 at the time and we just walked our way round. It was great fun!

  5. I have never been to a colour run before but I have always wanted to, I think it would be a good experience. Glad you had fun xx

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