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Houses in Essex

In our trip to Essex I noticed beautiful embellishments on many houses. I took a few pictures to share them on my blog.

01 Lovely houses in Essex
Although I’m not too keen on the subject, the level of craftsmanship is impressive. I like the features, the grass looks realistic, the trees have also lots of details. The house in the back has a lovely roof and the fence looks realistic too.

02 Lovely houses in Essex
Most of the plaster panels on this 18th century house have a feature on them. It looks really beautiful. It would have been interesting to know if some of the plaster was original or inspired by original designs, but I have no idea. Also, I’m not sure if this is something specific to Essex, I didn’t find anything online. If you know more, please tell me in the comments.

03 Lovely houses in Essex

04 Lovely houses in Essex
This is a pub called The Star Inn, in Southminster. Didn’t go in, mostly for lack of time and it wasn’t close to where we were staying. There were lots of beautiful looking pubs in that area.

05 Lovely houses in Essex
This house looks so cute with the plaster ribbon around it. It’s not very visible in this picture, but the ribbon was made up of oak leaves and acorns, quite British.

06 Lovely houses in Essex
A few houses or wall fences had a tree on them. I think it looks stunning, this one is on the fence you can see in the next picture. When I saw it I thought it’s stunning.

07 Lovely houses in Essex

08 Lovely houses in Essex
I had to include a thatched roof as it’s my favourite type of roof. I love this house, is so small and cute, a real beauty. We’ve passed by a few gorgeous houses with thatched roof, but hubby had nowhere to park, so I wasn’t able to take a picture.

09 Lovely houses in Essex
The rose on this house looks so beautiful. I think they spent a lot of time to shape the tree, but it was worth the effort. I took out all the roses that we had in the back garden, as I don’t find them suitable for a family with dog. After seeing this house, I might consider getting one for the driveway and with a lot of luck, wrapping it around the porch. I don’t think I have the skills to do that, but I can dream.

10 Lovely houses in Essex
This is a bonus picture, of a wild fox that seems to be laughing. Hubby put Festus’s food bowl with his unfinished dinner outside the caravan and a fox had a nibble during the night. I don’t know if this fox is the one that had the snack, but it might be.

Have you been to Essex? Are you familiar with this type of plaster embellishments?

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  1. Those are interesting captures. I remember going in a village for a flea market but ended up gettng amazed with their houses. Haha. I also like houses with thatched roofs and the roses that surround a house looks so serene. 🙂

  2. Love the last home! I love when flowers grow so uniquely on a home! Just beautiful! xoxo

  3. Oh wow what some absolutely amazing details on those houses – absolutely beautiful. x

  4. Aren’t they just beautiful? I have never seen anything like these before. Kaz x

  5. Those houses are certainly unique and interesting to see. I’ve never been to essex but it sure looks like the houses are interesting.

    1. It’s called pargeting, very common in Essex and Suffolk

      Very traditional and evolved to what you see now including random shooting scenes

      Now you know the term the examples online should be easier to find

      1. Thank you. I looked online, the examples are beautiful. I will add the mention on the post. Thank you again.

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