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The Vegan Kind. November Box

The Vegan Kind. November Box is at its 97 edition. I am enjoying these lifestyle boxes a lot and I will continue to get them next year too. I am not sure about the beauty, just because I don’t have time to use them and also use all the other cosmetics I’m buying. So, I will cancel that subscription and get the items that catch my eyes from the supermarket (their supermarket, online).

The Vegan Kind. November Box

The Vegan Kind. November lifestyle box:

Buttermilk – Plant-Powered Salted Caramel Cups – £2 – chocolate with gooey salted caramel middle. I liked these very much too.

Whitakers – Strawberry Creams – £1.85 – dark chocolate fondant creams that are so good. I would gladly buy these again.

Milkman oat chocolate drink – 250ml Can – £2. I liked it but my husband was not as keen.

Harvest Snaps – sour cream & chive – £0.75 – baked, so better for health.

Neats’ – Gluten Free Hot Thai Chilli Rice Crackers – £1. These are handmade.

Fruu Avocado balm – £5.49 – wonky fruits are used to make this balm.

Pipers – £1 – garlic and herbs, there are other flavours too.

I AM NUT OK – Oh, Grate! – Grated Italian Parmesan Style Cheese – £4.99 – it is so good. I am going to buy it again when it finishes. It’s just delicious. It’s not cheap, but for me it’s worth every penny. Of course this is only to sprinkle, in small amounts.

Lifestyle boxes are between £8 and £10, depending on the subscription, and £3.95 for P&P. Every month they give a donation to a charity and in November they picked Birch Hill Dog Rescue.

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  1. I love Thai chilli rice crackers- these are right up my street and I can’t wait to find a Zero waste shop that does these again so I can get some! Love them!
    The pitta chips are really nice- my husband came home with some of those a few weeks ago and they were tasty!
    I’m not 100% on the Mlkman products- I have had the oat milk and it was a bit odd though it was ok!

  2. I’m not too sure about the spicy rice crackers or the chocolate drink, but I’d be more than happy to try everything else! Tell me more about the avocado balm. Is it for lips, hands, or what?
    Kelly recently posted…More hummusMy Profile

    1. The balm is for hands, lips, face. A multi-purpose one. I’m yet to try it, as I already have a hand cream beside the sofa and lip balm too. 🙂

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