5th Gotcha Day

I remember like it was yesterday the excitement I felt when we were shopping for leads, collars, raised food bowls and toys. On the same day we went to the breeder to get our pup.

I had to wait 10 years until I could get my rottweiler and when I finally got him, I was so happy. It was hard at the beginning, as it is with every pup and he was quite big, at 33 pounds. That Christmas was so stressful with a tree full with balls (we, humans, call them baubles), a scared cat and a very big pup. Now we laugh about it.

Our lives changed so much after getting him. I took him with me at work for a short period while I still worked in an office. We took him with us everywhere. He came with us on holidays or day trips. He even gets involved in everyday life or DIY projects. He makes us laugh every day.


Here are only a few pictures of our life with Festus over the years.