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GOMO, my plans for this Summer

I was contacted by Eventbrite to talk about a thing I love do to: going out, so I’ve joined in their Summer campaign called GOMO (Going Out More Often). GOMO is meant to get rid of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I think there is a point in this, if you are out having fun does it matter if someone on social media has fun somewhere else?

I was asked about my plans for this Summer. As my schedule is not as easy to organize as I would like, so I’m going to mention 5 things I have in mind for the next months.



I tried geocaching last year and it was fun. I’ve been this year on a geocaching trip near home and it was fun. It’s fun, free (you can upgrade to a paid account, but the free one is fine too), you can spend as little or as much as you want and it’s a fab way to discover new places.

Walking is also a great alternative. I like discovering new places, like small villages that are on circular walks. I like coastal walks, walks through the forest or even in the local park. It doesn’t have to be something too long, only 1-2 hours and it’s refreshing.

Bed race.

I’ve been to Knaresborough Bed Race last year and it was so much fun. I enjoyed myself and this year we are going to the race again. The race is tomorrow. I know is short notice, but if you aren’t that far from Knaresborough, do join in, it will be amazing. This year will be the 51st edition of the race. The Parade starts at 1pm and the race at 3pm.

There are lots of other events going on. I signed up to newsletters to get updates. In Liverpool is Africa Oye, Liverpool Biennial, Flower Show in Southport, a gin festival and many more.


I love caravanning. It’s not a surprise, as I like camping in a tent too. It’s great for a few days out and perfect for us, as we can’t go on a long holiday due to commitments at work. Caravans can be rented, if you want to try it out or you don’t want to get all the hassle of owning a caravan.


I want to go sea kayaking again and again. It’s true that we already have the kayak and the life jacket, so I added to the free section. If you don’t have a kayak, you can rent one for a few hours and try it. It’s fun.

Days out.

I often take the booklets from National Trust or English Heritage and browse through them looking for days out. This way we know what’s available and we can visit one or more places or we can just discover new cities and not even go to the locations I selected.

Do you plan to go out more often? Tell me your plans. Also, if you have an amazing idea for an event, have a look at Eventbrite’s event planning page, where you can create anything you have in mind.

Post in collaboration with Eventbrite.

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  1. I do love kayaking!!! Not so much sea kayaking though- it was SUCH hard work- a river is MUCH nicer!!x

  2. Wow it looks like you are going to have a fun summer! What a fab campaign x

  3. I love geocaching! You’ve just reminded me to check if there are any caches on our bikepacking route next week. I hope you have a fantastic summer – looks like you’ve got loads planned!

  4. This sounds like a great scheme! I’d love to get involved! I’d like to do more long walks this summe to keep up my fitness!

  5. GOMO is such a good idea. A load of my friends have been geocaching around our area and I’d love to go x

  6. I love caravanning and would love a tourer again, but my car won’t tow one 🙁 So, I am looking at tents instead! Kaz x

  7. This sounds so much fun and something i’ve not tried out yet. thanks for sharing. I love the outdoors too so kayaking would be fun.

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