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My 2015 by month

In 2012 and 2014 I made a collage of pictures taken that year. This year I want to look at my 2015 in greater detail, so I made a monthly collage.

01 January
January was a lovely month for me. The pull-up bar was up in the living room and I can say the same about the decal “Life is short, eat dessert first” on the kitchen wall. Hubby and I went on a coffee-date, well we do go on coffee dates, but I blogged about that one because I want to remember them. We’ve also been at Greens in Manchester and to The Small Animal Show in Harrogate. It’s likely we will go to the animal show next year too, getting to see all the cute animals and pet them is too lovely to miss.

02 February
February is a busy time for me every year. This year was fab, we’ve spent a week in a lovely cottage while away with work. We had a trip to London together and not alone as I used to go. It was Valentine’s Day and I even got to try some wedding dresses for our vows renewal at a Wedding Fair.

03 March
March started great with a beautiful surprise hubby made for me. Festus got a card for me for Women’s Day. I saw Lymm and I went to the Beatles Museum. It was a solar eclipse, I’ve been to a blogger event and I also wrote a post on Why I blog.

04 April
April was fab too. It was Easter and I’ve been to a few wonderful events: Harrogate Flower Show, BBC Good Food Show, and the very funny Duck race.

05 May
In May lots of exciting things happened again. I’ve been to a Victorian May Day, another blogger event in Manchester, to Stonehenge, Windsor, London, and I’ve got the chance to get into a race car built by the students at Liverpool Uni.

06 June
In June I took the Colourful Smoothie Challenge and I also run the Run or Dye race. I went to Africa Oye, a festival in Liverpool, to a County Show, and a Bed race. The bed race was so much fun that I will go next year too.

07 July
July brought a new and exciting blogger event. Hubby and I went on a longer trip to London where we went to butterfly house and I saw the changing of the guard, Science Museum, and British Museum. The house renovation progressed nicely, I had jars for spices and other ingredients. I also went for the first time to Oh Me Oh My and Bistro 1847.

08 August
Lots of fun things happened in August, like kayaking, feeding birds, road trips, Airshow in Blackpool. We had another trip to London where I could visit the Hunterian Museum and a few other attractions. The garden was finally done and we could enjoy the outside space as much as we wanted.

09 September
September was exciting because I stayed in a nice cottage and our neighbour was a fabulous horse, Danny. I saw the Rock Houses and Oxford. Hubby and I went to Cirquec, burlesque bar in Manchester. It was also our 1st home anniversary.

10 October
October is a special month because it’s the month when hubby and I met. For our anniversary, we went to Tune Hotels. It also is hubby’s birthday, when we’ve tried geocaching. Jump in was amazing, a ballpool for adults, it can’t get better than this. Great British Bake Off finished and I managed to get 2 star baker for my bakes. I was in London again, it was Halloween and a fireworks display in Blackpool.

11 November
In November is my birthday, when I went to Donington Park. I was in London again and I jumped at the opportunity to visit Mercedes-Benz World and Fan Museum. I went to another blogger event because I love going to blogger events. As every year, we’ve been to Sefton Park for the 20 minutes of fireworks for Bonfire night. In November I took the Blog Everyday in November Challenge and it went pretty good. I also made a list of 40 before 40 and went to the Liverpool Christmas Market to get into the Christmas spirit.

12 December
December was fun. I made a Christmas series that I loved writing: Vegetarian Christmas, The Best Christmas gift. and Christmas traditions. I received funny gifts for Saint Nicholas Day, I made Christmas cards for my Secret Santa and I tried Pilates. I went to Sherwood forest and Rufford Abbey, the County of Robin Hood. I also took the Instagram Christmas Challenge and I think it went great. As a perfect way to finish the year, I was invited to Christmas Bake Off with Holland & Barrett where I met Ugne. The year finished with a visit to Knowsley Safari Park and that was amazing, as always.

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  1. You’ve done lots this year!!! Well done for making the post of your spare time!! I’m intrigued by the picture of you in the ball pool, where was that?x

    1. Thank you xx The ball pool was part of a Science Festival in Manchester. It was so much fun, a ball pool only for adults. I loved it.

  2. Ahhh what a good idea! I actually remember reading about a lot of these events as blog posts 🙂 Love the photos of you and the horse. I really want to check out the Beatles museum at some point. Eeek, the ballpool, hehe! I hope next year twice as adventure packed and full of happy memories for you as this one, Anca 🙂 xxx

  3. It was so lovely to see your year in review! I hope your 2016 is just as fun and can’t wait to read more of your blog 🙂

    Corinne x

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