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Wella System Professional Repair Perfect Ends

Update (in 2019): I am not buying Wella products as they are selling in China and, thus, their products must be tested on animals. Wella is owned by Coty, who sells in China. Even thought they say they don’t use animal testing, their products, at some point between production and retail must be tested to be compliant with current regulations in China.
It’s a shame, because I really loved this product, but I haven’t bought a replacement after I’ve finished it, last year.

I had this Wella System Professional Repair Perfect Ends for some time (it was a PR sample). I kept postponing trying it without knowing how amazing it is. Before it I used a couple of different hair masks and I thought is unnecessary to use this one too. Now I know I should have tried it as soon as I got it as it really is amazing.

Wella System Professional Repair Perfect Ends

The balm is versatile and it can be used on wet or dry hair. I’ve been using it both ways, but I do prefer applying it on dry hair. It’s only my preference, as the product works great both ways.

I would gladly buy another one when I’ll finish this one. I think it’s a great value for money because it will last for a long time, unless you are washing your hair daily. On their instructions, they suggest using three pumps, but I’ve only needed one or two and it was enough.

The balm is sealing the hair and it does improve the shine too. Wella says that the balm provides active protection against heat and external influences, that is something I can’t test, so I have no idea if it actually makes a difference in that regard. That being said, the ends of my hair look better, healthier. Also, my hair has less frizz and that is only a good thing.

Wella Perfect Ends has a creamy consistence, but it does not leave a greasy feel on the hair. It just nourishes. After I use it, I see that the ends are softer. To make a comparison (hopefully a good one), it’s like using face cream, that lovely fresh and smooth feel you have after using a high quality moisturizer.

I’m using Wella System Professional Repair Perfect Ends as part of my hair care regime. As I mentioned in the post How I keep my hair healthy, I try to air dry my hair as much as possible, including in the winter. Furthermore, I use good quality hair products, like Bed Head shampoo. I use conditioner every time (unless I’m using a hair mask), even if I’m away caravanning. The difference is noticeable and it’s worth the effort.

Have you ever tried Wella System Professional Repair Perfect Ends or a similar product? Is it something you might like to use?

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  1. So pleased that I came across your review and I’m proud of you for boycotting this product (brand) for ethical reasons and I will be doing the same. Nothing is worth the suffering that’s endured through animal testing and I won’t be contributing to the harm either. Thank you.

  2. I’ve not heard of this before but it sounds ideal for constantly coloured and consequently dry hair like mine. Wella is a good brand too.

  3. I’m constantly battling with frizz and I haven’t found anything to stop it yet! This could be my saviour! YAY!!

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