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Lymm, a picturesque village

Yesterday I wanted a quite walk, but I didn’t fancy a rather cold woodland walk. So, I searched on google and found Lymm, a small village in Cheshire, just 30 minutes from us.

Lymm picturesque small village in Cheshire

There is a Canal with a couple of pubs and terraces near the water to add to the charm, that surely will make us visit the village again in the summer. There is also a cafe-boat, not sure if it’s permanent, but it was charming too.

We parked on a side road and went in the village centre. We’ve discovered that through that wood we can make a circular trail. We’ll have to go prepared, thicker clothing and wellies or at least my off-road trainers. I don’t think it comes as a surprise, I was in heels and a sleeveless top with a thin jacket.

We walked and enjoyed the nice weather, the squirrels and ducks, the dogs with waggy tails and smiling people. It was exactly what I needed after a couple of very busy days. And I must admit that having cake helps too.

Lymm picturesque village in Cheshire

Lymm small village in Cheshire

Lymm village Cheshire ducks on canal

Lymm picturesque small village Cheshire

Lymm old village Cheshire

old small english street Lymm village Cheshire

Narrow boats on Bridgewater Canal Lymm

Pub in Lymm village Cheshire with terrace near the Bridgewater Canal

Cross Lymm village Cheshire

Lymm village Cheshire

Ducks in Lymm village Cheshire

Duck in Lymm village Cheshire

Old cottages in historic english Lymm village Cheshire

Wildlife Squirrels in Lymm village Cheshire

Lymm village Cheshire

Old Lymm village Cheshire

Historic Lymm village Cheshire

Yellow flower in Lymm village Cheshire

picturesque and old Lymm village Cheshire

picturesque, old, historic Lymm village Cheshire

Bakery in Lymm village centre Cheshire

Bakery in Lymm bakery coffee shop village Cheshire

We’ve stopped at the Coffee shop in the centre for a treat. I wanted a dessert, hubby wanted another one and in the end, we’ve cut them in half. He had the better deal, as my choice was considered better by both of us.

Cake at Lymm village Cheshire

Cake Lymm village bakery Cheshire

Lymm village Cheshire

Lymm village Cheshire

Lymm village Cheshire

The village is lovely, peaceful and charming. I received a free magazine and I saw that there is a Duck race in April and, if it’s a nice weather, we’ll go. It looks like it’s very funny, probably more suitable for kids, but I’m not that picky.

I love small villages and I’ll have to search for a new one quite soon as hubby agrees that it’s a nice way to spend an afternoon. If you have any suggestions of villages to visit, please leave me a comment.

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  1. Anca your photos are fab, we often go to Lymm & at the end of May bank holiday weekend the canal will be full of narrowboats as there is a boat rally this year.

    1. Thank you Lorraine x The boat rally sounds very interesting too, I’ll keep that in mind.

  2. I bet that’s a lovely place to live! That’s my ideal type of home I think, right near the canal 🙂

    Corinne x

    1. I would love to live in a village too, it’s so beautiful and peaceful. As the prices of the cottages are so high, we’ve settled for day trips 🙂

  3. Little charismatic villages like this are so nice to stumble upon, especially when it also includes a little tea/coffee and cake shop, hehe.

    I bet sitting by the canal with a drink outside a pub would be lovely in summer, wish I was a bit closer to find out!

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