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33 Random Questions

I saw these 33 random questions on Kezzie’s blog, as she got them from Hazel. So here are their answers: Kezzie & Hazel. It’s been a while since I made this kind of post and with not a lot of things to do these days, as we are in lockdown, I thought it would be fun. Actually they had only 32 as 14 was missing, so I’ve invented my own.

1. Who are you named after?
My great-grandmother, but it is a long story.

2. Last time you cried?
Once this month, but it’s not something I do often. I usually cry at movies like one about Holocaust (The Pianist, Schindler’s List) or child abuse (Spotlight with the horrors done in the Catholic Church), at books, but not so much in real life.

3. Do you like your handwriting?
Yes, if I have time to write. If I’m in a hurry to make/take notes, after that I struggle to understand my handwriting. I always type my notes on my laptop, so I’m able to read them after a few weeks.

33 Random Questions

4. What is your favourite sandwich?
It must be something with houmous. I also love hot vegan cheese sandwiches. The vegan cheese has a different texture, more melty, and I prefer that.

5. Favourite drink?
Coffee, black, of course, no milk, no sugar.

6. Do you still have your tonsils?

7. Would you bungee?

8. What is your favourite kind of cereal?
Oats for porridge, but I don’t have porridge too often though.

9. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

10. Do you think you are strong-willed?
I prefer the word determined and yes, I am. Right now I’m studying for a 2nd University degree, in my late 30s, so I can say I’m strong-willed.

11. Favourite ice-cream?
I don’t have one. As a child I loved the vanilla one I had when I was going to the beach. It is similar to the one from Ikea. Now I’m avoiding milk, so I’m enjoying vegan ice-cream.

12. What is the first thing you notice about a person?
How they look, like everybody else.

13. Football or Baseball?
None are my favourite, as my favourite sport is motor racing, F1 and Formula E. I like watching football, but only when it comes to important matches like the last ones in the World Cup. A couple of years ago I baked cookies when England was playing with other countries (baked cookies specific to the opposing team). As for baseball, I have no idea, so between football and baseball the answer is football.

14. Last book read?
Modernity and Bourgeois Life by Jerrold Seigel. Now I’m reading The Domestic Revolution by Ruth Goodman.

15. Last thing you ate?
Breakfast: hot vegan sandwich with salad (tomatoes, spring onion, pepper), with a glass of apple juice, followed by 3 medjool dates filled with almond and pistachio butter.

16. I wish I were listening?
Nothing really. I can’t listen to anything as my dog loves singing (howling) and sometimes he likes exactly the songs I would like to listen.

17. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

18. What is your favourite smell?
Freshly baked bread, smells of the forest, sweet perfumes, the smell of flowers, I can’t pick one.

19. Who was the person you talked to on the phone?
My mother.

20. In a relationship?
Yes. Happily married for over 12 years.

21. Eye colour.

22. Favourite food to eat?
Arabic food, but I do love trying and experimenting with all kind of foods.

23. Scary movies or happy endings?
Between these two options I would pick happy endings, even though these are not the sort of movies I would usually chose.

24. Last movie you watched in a cinema?
At the cinema it must have been Tolkien sometimes last year. We have home cinema and we watch lots of different things, from movies to nature TV shows. Festus loves the nature TV shows.

25. What colour shirt are you wearing?

26. Favourite holiday?
Our honeymoon in the Netherlands.

27. Beer or wine?
Wine, red wine, preferably dry. I buy beer (including ale and cider) with good credentials, like Toast (made with bread that would have been thrown away).

28. Night owl or morning person?
Morning person without a doubt.

29. Favourite day of the week?
All are the same for me. I love my work and my study, I also love my hobbies and travelling, when it will be possible again.

30. Favourite animal?
Dog. When it comes to wild animals I can’t say I have a favourite one, maybe Tardigrades.

Festus, after lockdown

31. Do you have a pet?
Yes, Festus, my 10+ years old pedigree Rottweiler. Want to read more about him? Well… here are his choices, the 10th gotcha day, his 10th birthday, a visit to Blenheim, or in holiday.

32. Where would you like to travel?
I have plans to visit many places in UK this year, south Wales, Norfolk, Salisbury, Winchester. I don’t think I will have any holidays this year though.

33. Favourite Joke?
I can’t say I have one, but I do enjoy some communist ones, like:

Two guys are looking at a Lada. The first one says:
– This looks like an amazing piece of engineering made by our brothers, the Russians.
The second one replies:
– It seems that you don’t know anything about cars.
– I know a lot about cars, but I don’t know anything about you.

* For people needing a bit of background. Lada was a big, heavy, uncomfortable car, which broke down easily. An owner had to have a toolkit in the boot, so he could keep it going. Also, one was never sure if a random guy on the street could be an informant or not. Someone who would say something negative about the party, politics, lack of technology, lack of food, could face imprisonment.

PS. There are 33 question marks in the picture.

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  1. Hi Anca, I would gladly share my Escape Room clues with you if you wanted to start with them as something to adapt. If you leave me your email address on my latest post, I will send them to you!

  2. Yay!! I am so glad you joined in! Your Vegan breakfast sandwich sounds really delicious! I’d like to try that!
    You are amazing doing a degree in your 30’s. After I did my LTCL music teaching diploma 9 years ago (after doing my PGCE 3 years before that), I swore I would not do any more studying- I keep having dreams that I’ve started a Masters and I haven’t done my coursework!
    I laughed a lot at the thought of Festus howling! We used to have a family friend when I was young and they had an Alsation called Bruno and he used to howl along to Eastenders and Emmerdale!

  3. I love posts like this when we get to know a little bit more about blog friends. And you’re right — they are really terrific posts to have in the pocket for times when there isn’t much else about which to write!

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